For many years, EVA Air has been a model airline with an outstanding record. They have never gone public, and perhaps that is because they do have other investors that have remained with them. Not long after starting up, this airline had acquired long haul aircraft with secured funds to get their business rolling. Serving a multitude of continents worldwide, EVA is responsible for domestic and international flights in most countries. Cargo hauling is the latest addition to this airline’s international regimen of flights. Let’s take a closer look at EVA and discover what they have accomplished over the years.

Their initial license for running their business was granted in March of 89. Investing a significant amount of money, they pre-ordered over 25 airliners from McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. No longer called Evergreen Airways, EVA is the long-lasting memorable name that is known worldwide. Evergreen International was actually the name of another airline that specialized as a cargo carrier. In an effort to avoid any possible confusion with a competitor, the name was permanently altered. Once this trivial matter was taken care of, the company began to generate business.

EVA operates out of Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport which is located near Taipei, Taiwan. Between Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States, they have nearly 50 destinations. EVA is just number two in size, compared to China Airlines which is the biggest working airlines in Taiwan. What is somewhat interesting though is EVA has been known and recognized for having a better safety record than China Airlines. The airline industry has recognized the safety routines of EVA. In recent years the company has moved into the top 10 rankings for airlines, worldwide.

EVA is predominantly a privately held business, regardless of the fact they started to offer stocks in 2001. EVA is catalogued with the Taiwanese Stock Exchange. Nearly all of the holdings, on the other hand, have been and continue to be privately held. The implications all over the airline industry have become extensive after September 11. Those that were disturbed were not capped to the US centered airlines just because of the affect on flight services in the US. So, in 2002, EVA responded in the best way possible, and at least they did not go out of business as others did at that time.

Planned well in advance, EVA began to make profits according to their schedule that they set out to achieve years ago. The fact that this airline is still in existence, especially considering where it came from, makes it a story that should motivate most people. All of their operations stem from their Taiwan base from which all airlines are controlled and operated. Amazingly, they were able to accomplish that feat by eventually merging with several Asian carriers under the aegis of a larger EVA entity. However, they were able to begin expanding internationally while they worked on the domestic situation at home in Taiwan.

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