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Are AutoNation Coupons Better than RockAuto Coupons?

You may not know this, but AutoNation is most likely the largest auto retailer from the U.S. It seems obvious to assume that the coupons released by this “mamut” are somehow more popular than those released by RockAuto, for example. However, because we all heard great things about RockAuto, it may be best to avoid assuming things and instead making a research about it.

AutoNation vs. RockAuto

Yes, it`s true that AutoNation is the leading provider of also new as well as pre-owned vehicles. This company either owns or operates almost three hundred franchises all over the U.S. and has almost 25.000 employees.

Even from the start this looks like an unfair comparison with RockAuto, which even though has been in business since 1999, it`s still seen as only a family business.

Why Are AutoNation Coupons Better than those from RockAuto?

Because AutoNation is an auto retailer that sells over thirty five distinct manufacturer brands all over the nation, it`s only logical to assume that there aren`t only general AutoNation service coupons released, but rather also more brand-specific ones, like AutoNation Ford coupons, AutoNation Honda coupons or AutoNation Toyota coupons.

Let`s take a look at the AutoNation service coupons released in period of the year:


20% OFF – Battery Service

Extend the life of the battery and save 20% from the total cost.


10% OFF – Parts Discount

Save 10% OFF on parts, accessories.


Free – Vehicle Pit Stop

AutoNation will fill the tires, top off the fluids and also perform a free inspection.


10% OFF – Service Discount

Get 10% OFF on vehicle maintenance and mechanical repairs.


Now let`s see what RockAuto has to offer in terms of coupons. Actually, according to them, there aren`t any printable coupons released but rather just online discount codes that customers can use to save 5% when they order auto parts. A few years ago, Rock Auto did offered 10% discounts, but now only discounts of 5% off.

If you`ll check RetailMeNot to see what new codes are released, you`ll see some of the ones below:


5% OFF: B09A3B069D3348

Expiration Date: 11/17/15


5% OFF Sitewide: 3690459B490384

Expiration Date: 11/18/15


5% OFF Your Order: 18DF53BB27E8AA

Expiration Date: 11/10/15


5% OFF Your Purchase: 3411534631122722

Expiration Date: 09/27/15


As you can see, no discount over 5% OFF. And from what I noticed on most other coupon-related sites besides RetailMeNot, no RockAuto free shipping either. Why is that, I wonder? The fact that the company is only a family-business first comes into mind. Nonetheless, Rock Auto at least advises its customers to try and buy auto parts from one warehouse if possible. This way at least they`ll manage to minimize the shipping costs as much as they can. Even so, the fact that no free shipping is offered is somehow strange because not only AutoNation offers it, but also Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone offer free shipping.

Other New Vehicle Specials from AutoNation

This great company doesn`t only releases coupon deals that are most of the time above its competition, but also great vehicle specials:


AutoNation CouponsNew 2015 Honda CR-V LX AWD

Lease for $255/mo – 36 months


New 2015 Honda Civic LX

Lease for $189/mo – 24 months


New 2015 Honda Accord LX 4DR

Lease for $239/mo – 36 months

2015 Civic Loyalty Deals

$500 towards the lease or purchase of new 2015 Honda Civic. This deal is available only for those who qualify for the Civic Loyalty Program Offer.

What Do You Think?

Maybe it`s a little unfair to make such a comparison between the 2 companies since one of them only deals with the online selling of auto parts, while the others also sells vehicles.

Anyway, what do you think? Are you a customer who usually uses AutoNation coupons or RockAuto coupons? Because either way, after reading the above info, you must`ve changed your mind at least a bit, right?

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