David asks…

best trained military in the world?

i know the british army boot camp is 26 weeks long and the Royal marines boot camp 34 weeks long (longest boot camp in the world)

is there any military in the world that has longer boot camps than the UK? i didnt mention the US because their troops suck no offense 10 weeks and 14 weeks of boot camp is nothing campared to European countries

Martin answers:

The British military is excellent, as is the United States’. I’m curious why you’re using solely the length of boot camp when, in fact, a sign of better training might be that a program turns out better soldiers in less time.

Susan asks…

visitors during marine boot camp!?

My husband left today to go to boot camp! I am 34 weeks preg. and i have heard that after the baby is born i can arrange to visit during his training! I have also heard you can go in school or church. if there is any way i can visit him please let me know!! i already miss him to death!!!

Martin answers:

You will NOT be allowed to see him/visit until he graduates. You may get lucky and receive a phone call from him after the Red Cross message about the birth is delivered, but no promises.

Paul asks…

dilated and effaced… will i go full term?

i am currently 34 weeks.. i have been dilated 2cm and 80% effaced for over a week now. i was admitted last weekend for preterm labor, given the steroid shots and put on the monitors. right now i am currently on bedrest. i have been having horrible back pains and camping, but no tightening of the belly. i am trying everything to keep him in.. but it is hard to not be worried when everyone around me is doubting he will stay in. i was wondering if this has happened to anyone and how long before they delivered? please let me know your experiences

Martin answers:

I was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced at 35 weeks… I had my son 4 weeks 3 days later. I was on bedrest and having contractions the whole time. It was awful but at the end of the day, he was that much bigger and healthier being in for the extra 4 weeks.

Good luck.

Betty asks…

What should i do!? o_0?

Ok, so my sister-n-law wants to start taking guitar lessons… Only thing is that she wants to go to the same place as my son and I are going… This is how my son & I connect, I enjoy the time i get to spend with my son, I am disabled so I am limited to the things I can do with him, on the other hand I have an anoying 34 yr.old person hanging out with a crowd 10 to 15 years younger than she is, always trying get rich quick schemes, lazy ass, working 3 days a week, messy always late and leaving things till the very last minute, gone camping 2 weeks ago and cause one person played the guitar around a campfire now she wants to be a guitarist type of person, WoW!! Really!? Geeez, i need help/advice, my son and I are doing just fine and enjoying the guitar lessons, I really really wouldnt want her to tag along… sorry i sound so rude, but I really really dont get along with my wife’s family, they are always doing,saying things and my wife says they didnt mean anything by it… I keep away and i am ok with staying away from her side of the family… I’ve had several issues in the past with her family and for the most part I manage to keep/stay away from them, only to avoid other/new issues… I am begining to ramble about the same thing… hope to get some good feedback…. please, if you have nothing nice to say please dont comment at all…
I feel like telling my wife to let her sister know, in a nice way of course, that to look for another place to take guitar lessons… That what my son & I have is a way that I can connect with him… IDK, What do you think????
I feel like telling my wife to let her sister know, in a nice way of course, that to look for another place to take guitar lessons… That what my son & I have is a way that I can connect with him… IDK, What do you think????

Martin answers:

Why not just telling your wife that this is a really important moment in between your son and you? Thats how it sound to me, you have a very strong bound with him and its a activity you share together. Im sure your wife would understand the situation if you talk to her and tell her how important those moment with your son are. You explain it so well in your msg, im sure she will listen to you.

I really hope things turn out the way you want it, those moment seem to be to precious to you to be ruin by someone else. Good luck!

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