Charles asks…

49er fans, what should be done about Michael Crabtree?

It seems to me it’s a bit of a wash. He’s missed training camp and he’s not going to endear himself to his teammates or coaches by being the “diva” who stayed out of camp. Yeah, so he wanted to be paid more and perhaps there’s truth that other teams are willing to pay him more.

But I don’t really see him playing (even if the Niners somehow make it into the playoffs–the seasons is still young and this team is still figuring itself out).

What are your thoughts?

Martin answers:

Wow! The young man had the world in the palm of his hand. Now he will need to get a job just like the rest of us. The only problem is that no one is hiring.

Steven asks…

Is any one a 49er member in Happy Camp calif?

Martin answers:

I am not a member, but I work there. LOL

Joseph asks…

do you think frank gore is a “one hit wonder”?

most people think that Frank Gore is a “one hit wonder” from his 06 and 07 season
i dont think he is
he had such a hard season to deal with considering he had the whole 49er team on his back
He had a unexperienced OC
he broke his hand in training camp
His mom died in week 2 so he was emotional
He sprained his MCL in week 4 which is a very serious injury
then his former teamate sean taylor as you know died
and he still got over 1000 yards finishing with 1102 yards in 15 games.
he had a strong finish
he never blamed his other teamates and took all the blame
this guys got a lot a heart and i wish him all the best next year
so what do u guys think?

Martin answers:

It was hard for frank gore last season because the rest of his team was trash. His O-line couldn’t block for him, and his quarterback Alex Smith isn’t any good yet. So, whenever an opposing defense had to play them they knew that they only had to stop frank. It would be very hard to gain yards with 8+ men in the box every play.

Helen asks…

So far what have you learned this NFL season (serious answers please)?

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:
1) Mike Singletary has changed the 49er culture
2) JaMarcus Russell is about as accurate as my dead grandmother
3) Jim Zorn is not ready to be a head coach
4) Old guys will do anything to get out of training camp
5) Cleveland needs a personality.(Not sure how you’d categorize them
6) Just because you control the clock and rush for over 200 yds doesn’t always spell WIN.
7) The Miami Dolphins don’t tackle well 8) I’ve given up on LaDanian Tomlinson
9) New Orleans is more dangerous than advertised
10) Mark Sanchez is more dangerous than advertised
11) With Marvin Lewis’ job on the line the Bengals will play inspired football all season
12) Jack Del Rio better turn things around quickly
13) Peyton Manning can throw to anybody and win
14) I didn’t realize the Steeler’s O Line was average.
15) The Bucs can scrap this season
16) Andre Johnson has moved to the top of the class(if he wasn’t there already)
Before the season is over Revis will have respect throughout the media.
Crabtree is about as dumb as they get..I agree.

Martin answers:

For once as a Jets fan I might not have to cry in my beer.:) Although it’s all just week to week. Oh and Darrelle Revis is freaking bad ass, I agree that Andre Johnson is great but look what Revis did to him 4 catches 35 yards a long of 17. Drew Brees is a beast, and Adrian Peterson is awesome. Mangini may of sucked all of the life out of Cleveland, and Pennington and the Dolphins ride may be over. The Bengals may be better than advertised as well.
Like I always say it is still week to week.

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