William asks…

Camping with baby?

We’re going camping next week with our 5 month old son. I am not sure what I need to bring to keep him comfortable and happy. We’ll be in a tent, but I’m taking his pack ‘n play with us, so he can sleep in it. Any hints and tips so I won’t go insane next weekend? We go camping all the time, but this is the first time we’re going with a baby.
It’s VERY hot, so that’s not a problem. I have a mosquito net that fits over the pack ‘n play. I also have one of those backpack carriers I can put him in. I didn’t even think of that! Thank you for reminding me… lol

Martin answers:

Good for you!! Lots of parents would never think of camping with a baby but I think it’s great. My parents took me camping when I was 6 weeks old!! I plan on taking our daughter, now 5 1/2 months, this summer. (I’m assuming it’s warm where you are. We got 6 inches of snow last night, so no camping yet!)

The pack ‘n’ play’s an awesome idea. Do you have a mosquito/bug net that fits over the top? What about a sunshade? If not, a white sheet will do. Babies can’t use bug spray.

Suntan lotion, unscented if possible to keep the bugs away

An extra dishpan (rubbermaid type) for baths

LOTS of baby clothes, facecloths, towels

A baby carrier like a sling, wrap, snugli or baby bjorn. If you don’t have one, get one!! At 5 months old if your boy has good neck control you might even be able to get a back-carrying hiker-style one. The hiker one will probably last you another season, to about 40 lbs.

Lots of toys that can be washed. Keep the stuffed animals at home or only in the tent

The stroller to double as a high chair

Have an awesome time!!

Lizzie asks…

What should we do for New Years? Go camping or visist friends?

We have a 12 year old, and a 5 month old baby, so maybe that needs consideration…
It’s the middle of summer here in Australia! Today it’s 33 degrees!!! So it’s definately not too cold for camping. Also, the baby is fine camping.

Martin answers:

Go camping! It’s a fun way to bond and have a great time without the added pressure of;

- Who is going to drive and not drink on New Years
- What happens after 12, when is it OK to leave

etc etc

Easier to go camping and take it at your own pace!

Susan asks…

going camping with someone you cant stand?

Me & Shawn have a 5 month old baby, Bentley. Shawn’s mom hates me and doesnt want anything to do with Bentley until theres a test to prove that hes Shawn’s. Ive been with Shawn for 3 years and she never had a problem with me(that i knew of) until we told her i was pregnant. She said i got pregnant on purpose so Shawn would never leave me. We were going shopping and his mom was there with her friends, she introduced us as “my son, shawn. his girlfriend and her kid” She didnt come to the hospital when he was born, she has pictures of all her grandkids and shawns gave her pictures of Bentley and they always “get lost” There going camping next weekend and shawn’s dad invited us to go and shawn wants to cause he says it’ll be time me and his mom can talk and get along better…shes had a problem with me since the day i told her i was pregnant and still does. its been over a year, shes had plenty of times to try being nice and never does…going camping isnt going to help…should i go or just let him go and ill stay home with Bentley? she doesnt want me coming, when he called she was in the back yelling something about me not being invited…

What do i do? Should i try being nice to her first and see if that helps anything or just stay away from her and ignore her?

Martin answers:

Not that you have to prove anything, but i’d get a paternity test done, shove it down her throat and if that doesn’t change her attitude, demand that your boyfriend, start standing up for you and force his mother to show you some respect, as the mother of his child. If not, I’d grow a set, and have a one on one talk with her. Ask her what her problem is, and explain that you and her son are a family now, and she doesn’t start playing nice, you’ll go get knocked up again, have him marry you and you’ll ensure she has NO relationship with her son or her grandkids. Time to show her what for!

Linda asks…

What’s up with kids ages 5 and up and their parents who jump on my 1 yr old’s toys and brake them?

My son is 17 months he is 20 pounds. When ever his cousin’s come over they are 4 and 5 his 5 year old cousin is a monster and destroys everything he touches! His mom and dad do not care, I just bought my son a really awesome wagon, but it folds up so its made from a strong fabric and the bottom is like tin wood or maybe thick cardboard, it isn’t for big kids. Well anyways today my husbands sister and brother in law come over with her kids and the wagon is sitting in the living room and everyone is walking across the street so she asks can she give my son a ride in the wagon, when she comes back all 3 kids are in it, and now the bottom of it is all caved in, because her son was jumping in and out of it, and the mom was pulling it and then she would stop and throw the handle down on the concrete hard like it was trash, and its all scraped up. I have had a few incidents with her, and her son I just bought that wagon 2 days ago and I only gave my son a ride on it once, I mostly bought it to carry stuff around when we go to the lake or camping and to give my baby rides, but not big kids. Also the other day my husbands cousin was over and his daughter is 8 and she was jumping into my sons hanging plastic baby swing, and then we went into my sons room and he has a rocking horse that my mom got him it is really awesome and its is like a stuffed animal and it has buttons and moves its head and tail and she sat right on it and started to ride it, I was like honey you are way to big for that, that’s a baby toy. Now today my son was riding it and someone messed its head up, instead of moving back and forth it barely moves and makes a sound like it was almost ripped off. I am not for sure which kid did this, I am pretty sure it was my sons boy cousin because he is so destructive and my son rode the horse after the girl left and it was fine, but since I didn’t catch him in action I don’t know what to do. Also his parents act like he is such a good boy, they do not care what he does he is a hell-yon! He threw my 17 month old son down the stairs the other day, What would you all do, how can I get them to respect my son’s things? This kid broke his infant bouncer right after I first opened the box, my son wasn’t even born and had never used it, and the parents didn’t care. I feel like have to hide everything in the house when they come over, including my dog because he follows him around kicking him too! When ever I say something or put things away so he cant brake them his parents start acting like I am picking on him or that I am doing it for no reason! I don’t know what to do, this boy drives me nuts, I want my son to have nice things, I want to have nice things and it makes me mad when they come over and destroy our brand new things and then gallivants off like everything is great? What would you all do? Thanks and God bless you all.

Martin answers:

Your best bet, either when they get their (unannounced) or before (if you know they will be arriving) clear up all your child’s toys and lock them away (either figuratively or literally depending on how determined the little beasts are). Unfortunately, RESPECT is lacking in societies today and everyone feels entitled to everything and if it is available, they will use it and destroy it.

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