Steven asks…

Desribe these characters from the celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county?

1. Dan’l Webster
2. Jim Smiley
3. Andrew Jackson
4. The stranger in camp
5. Simon Wheeler

Martin answers:

Smiley – addicted to gambling
Webster – a frog

Mandy asks…

i need advice on what truck to buy?

okay soo, i want a truck for my first car because its just more convenient. i dirt bike, so i need a truck. i also need a truck with ALOT of passenger seating, like the big toyota tundra. but i also need it to be able to tow, cuz we plan on getting a trailer for camping.

toyota tundra?
ford f-150
ford f-250

the trailer would be a descent size, like a medium sized 5th wheeler

Martin answers:

Here’s a great site. You can make comparisons and even find new and used vehicles in your area.


Betty asks…

dirt bike or 4 wheeler?

im looking in to buy a 4 wheeler or dirt bike, i would mostly be riding it in my property (5 acres) and once a week in the bush land, and when i go out camping ill be taking it with me.
i have experience riding both
what one would be more practical, can do more things, better to ride etc ?
i never get snow where i live i do get frost and that but it clears up

Martin answers:

A 4-wheeler would probably be better for you since you can haul and tow things (if you are talking utility). A matter of personal preference but you can do a lot more with a quad.

Linda asks…

Things to do in Oklahoma?!!!?

My bf is taking me to a to a tiny town in Oklahoma to visit his family. I’ve been there once for 2 weeks and we did nothing well because he was busy dealing with his x wife, and also cause there was nothing to do as far as I could tell. All I saw was fields of cows and barns!!

The town we are going to is Braman. he grew up there. He keeps telling me that this time will be better cause we’ll go out and do stuff, but he never says what.. So I have a feeling there’s nothing out there.

The last time I was there, his mom took me to a mall that had about 5 stores and 3 eating places, that was her idea of a mall!!!

I am from the big city and have always lived the city life. (born in Ft Lauderdale,FL.. San Diego,ca,and Atlanta,ga).. So when I visit places I want to do the tourist stuff.. I’m not into the redneck type stuff like fishing,hunting,antique stores,off roading,4 wheelers,camping,hiking,etc. We will be there a week and I’d like to enjoy it this time!!!

So.. Anything to do anywhere in Oklahoma?? Ive been to the memorial in Oklahoma City. Also, braman is a little drive from Wichita Kansas.. Anything to do there??

Martin answers:

Hopefully you won’t come for a few weeks since it is well over 100 every day. Miserable. But Wichita is a decent sized city, not that far from Braman, I’d wrangle a day trip up there. Not sure what all they have but should be same stores any mid sized city would have.

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