Donald asks…

Cooking while camping?

I recently got into camping as an adult. My family wasn’t the outdoors type though I love it. We take a propane burner and a grill. I have trouble coming up with side dishes to make with meals. So far we have only done corn on the cob on the grill. While I do love it I need some variety. What are some techniques I can use to cook other stuff on the grill? Also what are some recipes people use? Also any websites people can recommend that I can look on would be great.

We have very basic equipment. We bring frying pans and a tea kettle as well as utensils. We are slowly building up our equipment but so far we only have the basics.

Martin answers:

Try this site out they have a lot of recipes of main & side dishes

Chris asks…

what is your favourite way to camp?

i love to go back to basics when im camping. open fire for cooking building stuff out of natuaral materials.

how about you?
i camp at local scout campsites in England but i would love to go on a camping trip to a foreign country.

Martin answers:

Well my Hobie is bush craft and wild camping ive been going with my mates since i was 13 im now 18 and still going regularly every week or two

but the way we camp out has changed we started with big heavy tents
but now we just build a basic lean to or in winter we use a basha and a bivvy bag with the fire all ways in front for the best warmth

it was different when we first started it was different with all the bugs and all but now i can sleep sound all night

going this weekend to its gona cool
glad to see im not one of the only ones doing this kinda thing keep it up

by the way the best saying i got told was .. You can weigh your self down with all modern equipment but its never there when you need it the most that’s where bush craft comes in and the real Beautyi with that is knowledge weighs nothing ..

Steven asks…

Going camping?!?!?!???????????????????????

Im going camping with my friend and her youth club in two weeks time (it lasts 3 nights and we need to cook r own food) but i dont know what to bring. Ive got all the basics (snacks and cooking equipment sleeping bags, tent, torch) but i dont know what else. also i want to prank the other people so any ideas for pranking some people in tents? (i dont know them! lol)

Martin answers:

Scrape their tents with your fingernails and make scary shadows and noises

George asks…

quick ice fishing question…?

I’m putting together a box of things for my boyfriends birthday which is going to be like his “ice fishing/camping” box. I want like basics for cooking in there because he and his friends are way into cooking up great meals on the ice, but I was wondering if there was anything like gear, or tools or anything else that would be helpful to have out there… any contributions are greatly appreciated!! thanks :)

Martin answers:

If he is like me he would like most anything related to the sport , which leaves it wide open,but I will try. An assortment of ice fishing jigs, an ice auger, an ice scooper, an ice shanty, a portable heater, an ice sled to carry his gear, noodle sticks(small fishing rods specific to ice fishing), a gortex parka, warm gloves, electronic depth finder, or maybe some very warm boots. Hope this helps.

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