Chris asks…

Camping Breakfast?

We are going camping and a person recommended a tin-foil breakfast. Basically it’s where you put a bunch of stuff in tif foil (pre-cooked) and then heat it on the fire when camping. Anyone have any ideas as to what I should put in it? Also, is it safe to use scrambled eggs in this way?

Martin answers:

Well, that’s one way you could do it. You can do scrambled eggs in this way, but they should be pre-cooked too, like everything else. I would do some seasoned potatoes as well. It’s easy to do them in this way: Take a potato, and cut into the top of it, but not all the way through it. Repeat this at 1-inch intervals. Then put butter in each opening, and you can put other seasonings with them. Wrap those in tinfoil and you’re ready to go. These may take a while, so start these early. I would place them right on the coals, and rotate every so often.
Happy camping! :)

James asks…

Are cerial bars and hot chocolate a good camping breakfast?

I would probably have 2 cerial bars and hot chocolate as I don’t really eat much
although its probably not a good breakfast… :/
Its for my DofE and theres nothing else I can take or at least I cant think of anything
It has to be something quick and simple as we only have the really really bacis things for cooking
Beans, eggs, sausages would probably make my stomach hurt as im not used to this kind of stuff for breakfast and we can’t take milk so no cereal

Martin answers:

You have got the right idea – for the expedition try not to cook a breakfast. I’ll assume you are using the standard DofE issue Trangia (everyone uses them) which do take a while to cook, then you have to boil water to clean up before you can think about putting the tent down and walking – it can take a while. Boiling water for a hot drink is good – water doesn’t need any washing up.

So your idea is right, something quick and easy that doesn’t need cooking.

What you have depends on what else you are going to eat during the day, if you are not going to eat anything until lunch a few hours later then I would suggest something a bit more than 2 cereal bars, but if you are perhaps having a mid morning snack then you can get an energy top up then.

One that I have – though it takes some getting used to – would be a bowl of an oat based cereal (Muesli, oat crunch or similar), with made up powdered milk – the oats or crunch finishes mixing the milk well but it doesn’t quite taste like normal. With this there is a pan to clean (where you mixed the milk up in) but that can be cleaned with cold water. This is quite a light option to carry as well and unlike cereal bars it won’t get crushed up.

Ken asks…

What is a good breakfast food while camping?

I’m going on a week long camping trip and I need to know what to eat for breakfast!! I am a vegetarian and I need something that is fairly easy, but tastes good. I don’t want to be eating granola bars each morning, and veggie burgers for breakfast just doesn’t sound that great.

Martin answers:

I think cereal is a great breakfast on the trail. Don’t use those damn packets. They are horribly over processed and over packaged…and over priced.

Cream of wheat is a nice compact box that will feed you at least a week for 3 dollars, cooks up fast, and is very filling, also very high in iron which is esp good for a vegetarian. You could also do any granular cooking cereal…malt-o-meal, Ralston whole wheat cereal, cream of rice, grits, etc…if you want to mix things in, you have to keep it separate from your cereal before you cook it or those items will burn. But you can mix your brown sugar, dried fruit, cinnamon into a customized topping you whipped up at home, and add it all from one container to save litter and keep things easy. I like old peanut butter jars for stuff like this, whenever I need something sturdy and I don’t want lids to pop off and spill…if you are backpacking put your cereal in one, and your toppings in another. If you are car camping, just bring it in any airtight container and take good care of it.

Oatmeal can be done just the same but if you are backpacking it isn’t nearly as compact.

You can also make yourself single serves of grape nuts and eat them cold. Good and sturdy cereal that won’t get crumbled to bits. In quart zipper bags, pour your cereal, your sugar, and your powdered milk. Then add water each morning.

Sandy asks…

Camping breakfast ideas?

Going with a bunch of families, with toddlers, need to feed about 20. We got the Monday breakfast. So we’ll need to have it in the cooler since Friday – although may go into a town to get supplies. Just dont want to buy much besides ice at the overpriced grocery store.

One idea I had was freezing banana bread. Otherwise theres always milk and cereal of course, but thats kinda boring.

Martin answers:

Pudgie piess!!!

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