Sandra asks…

I’m planning to go camping with my family. What essentials do I need?

I know about the tent and sleeping bags. But for fire and food and going to the bathroom etc…

Martin answers:

Think about your activities from when you wake up til you go to bed, and make a list of the things you do and create a list off that

__ Matches/match case
__ Water bottle
__ Water purifier
__ First Aid Kit
__ Maps/compass
__ Mirror/whistle
__ Candles
__ Sunglasses
__ Flashlight/batteries
__ Nylon cord
__ Space blanket
__ Watch
__ Biodegradable soap
__ Toilet paper
__ Fire starter
__ Knife

__ Backpack
__ Sleeping bag
__ Ground cloth
__ Mattress/pad
__ Tent/pegs/poles
__ Tarp/rope
__ Stuff sacks
__ Boot/shoes
__ Socks
__ Underwear
__ Long underwear
__ Swimsuit
__ Shirts
__ Pants & belt
__ Shorts
__ Sweater
__ Poncho/rain gear
__ Hat/cap/bandana
__ Sunscreen & lip balm
__ Insect repellent
__ Emergency shelter
(tube tent/space blanket)
__ Tooth brush/paste
__ Towel/washcloth
__ Comb
__ Foods
__ Snacks
__ Beverages
__ Stove & fuel
__ Fuel containers
__ Knife, fork & spoon
__ Spatula
__ Pots & pans
__ Pot grip
__ Sierra cup
__ Bowl(s)
__ ID/money/keys
__ Foil
__ Trash bags
__ Can opener
__ Grill
__ Cooking oil
__ Safety pins
__ Pad & pencil
__ Moleskin
__ Gloves

__ Pack rain cover
__ Hammock
__ Binoculars
__ Thermometer
__ Altimeter/barometer
__ Sharpening stone
__ Head lamp
__ Fishing gear
__ Lantern
__ Spare batteries/bulb
__ Saw/ax
__ Trowel
__ Radio
__ Emergency rations
__ Flare
__ Thermos
__ Staff/walking stick
__ Seam sealer
__ Scissors
__ Sewing kit
__ Tools
__ Tape
__ Field guides
__ Maps
__ Books
__ Games
__ License fishing/hunting
__ Hand warmers/fuel

With Vehicle
__ Water cooler
__ Ice chest & ice
__ Shade/screen tent
__ Extra fuel/gas cans
__ Heater/fuel
__ Rope
__ Bar-B-Q & fuel/starter
__ Tackle box
__ Fishing pole
__ Guns/ammo
__ Horse shoes
__ Dutch Ovens
__ Lid lifter
__ Cook book
__ Lawn chairs
__ Folding table
__ Water carriers
__ Dish pans
__ Air mattress
__ Jumper cables
__ Balls/bats/mitts
__ Camera/flash
__ Tripod

Steven asks…

Camping For The First Time- Tips Please?

How can we camp out longer than 1 night if we don’t have ice to keep our fresh produce and milk cold?
What foods do you take when you go camping?
We have a limited budget, we can’t afford to buy fancy gadjets, but we need some basic stuff, so what do you regard as camping essentials?
So far we have the tent, sleeping bags and whole lot of bug spray.

Martin answers:

OFF. It keeps bugs and misquittoes at bay. Ice chest. Bacon eggs. Instant Coffee Instant oatmeal, tea kettle to heat water. Spring bottled water. Lots of cans of veggies beef stew and soda pop and ice for the ice chest. Frying pan and a cooking pan and a small two burner Coleman cooking stove. A small lantern and flashlites. A fishing rod and reel for catching fish along the shore, and don’t forget a box of good safety matches to lite your lantern and your stove. I know its basic stuff but it will get your camping off to a good start to have these items. Good luck with your fishing. Nothing better than cooking fresh caught fish over a camp fire or coleman stove right there at the campsite

Joseph asks…

what should i bring when i go camping? im not 100% sure that i have everything.?

i have the essentials like food and clothes, but i was wondering if there is anything else that i could maybe bring to make it a little easier. thanks to anyone who posts an answer…

Martin answers:

I’m not sure what you already have, but some more ideas are:

sun block,
bug repellant
casual pant bottoms
shampoo/conditioner/shower gel/razor
hair brush/comb/hair styling things
skin care item like hand cream, etc.
Toothbrush and toothpaste
underwear, socks, and bras
magazines and books, crossword puzzles if you get bored.
extra batteries for flashlights and lanterns
blankets/sleeping bags/pillows
ice/snack foods/drinks
car charger for the cell phone
Towels if you can go swimming
bathing suits
fishing poles and gear if there’s a fishing area
Coffee maker! LOL I know I would need one!
Condiments like salt, pepper, sugar, milk, etc
hats to block out the sun
jackets for the cooler nights

I’ve never been camping so I’m not sure what else you would need, but I hope this helps and that you have a great trip!

Betty asks…

Where in CA can I go to “survive” in the wilderness (no state parks, no people, catch/hunt/cook my own food?

I’m looking for a bare essentials trip. A do it yourself camping trip. I’m only planning on going for a couple days and coming with 2 other people. The trouble is, I don’ know where to do this. I live in L.A. and am only aware of state/national parks. I don’t want to run into any problem with rangers or anything. Any suggestions? Am willing to drive a few hours to get there. -thanks

Martin answers:

Hollywood is a jungle, and if you aren’t careful it will eat you alive!

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