Sandy asks…

List of essentials for oxegen festival?

Im going to be going to my first festival this year and its going to be oxegen. Im going to be camping there aswell but im pretty clueless about what i should bring. So looking for some veterans out there to let me know what the essentials to bring to a festival would be please.

Martin answers:

Wellies (depending on the forecast), bring food with you as a decent meal at oxegen will cost around 10 euro, changes of clothes, bring about three or four ponchoes as they tend to rip and you can sell any you have spare lol. Bin bags for sitting on the wet ground, as much drink as you can carry, a cheap tent that you have no intention of bringing home with you, buy one of those timetable things that they sell at the place, they’re expensive but you won’t miss any of the bands you want to see. Toilet roll, babywipes, a torch is handy for when it turns dark. Try to camp at the top of the hill where it’s less mucky and maybe bring a flag tie it to a tent pole and have it above your tent. Makes it a lot easier to find, it’s easy to get lost in the campsite as nearly all the tents look the same. Hope this helps!!

Joseph asks…

What are essentials for a boarding camp?

I’m 14, and I’m going to a boarding camp this summer for 2 weeks. Please be specific and list things that I need for boarding camp.

Martin answers:

Check the rules for your camp – many of them forbid cell phones and other personal electronics.
You’ll need a good mix of long and short pants, long and short sleeved shirts, at least one jacket, plenty of underwear and socks, towels and washcloths, toiletries.
Actually, many camps supply a good packing list – ask yours!

Michael asks…

What should i pack to go camping?

I feel like i made a list, but its way to short
are there essentials that im proabbly forgetting?

Martin answers:


__Tent __Sleeping bag
__Ground cloth/tarp __Sheets/blankets
__Extra stakes __Pillow
__Shade tarp/poles/rope/stakes __Air mattress/sleeping pad/cot/tarp
__Axe or hammer __Air pump
__Mat for tent entrance __Repair kit for air mattress
__Dust pan/brush __Utility bags for storage

__Large water jug & water bucket __Potholders/oven mitts
__Coolers/ice __Pots and frying pans with lids
__Thermos __Soap for outside of pots and pans
__Stove with fuel/propane __Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon
__Matches/lighter __Tongs
__Charcoal/firewood/buddy burner __Skewers/grill forks
__Dutch oven/tin can stove/box oven/etc __Can opener/bottle opener
__Campfire grill/BBQ grill __Folding table
__Fire starters/newspaper __Dutch oven
__Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips __Pie irons
__Plates & bowls/paper plates & bowls __Mugs/paper cups
__Silverware/plastic silverware __Mixing bowl
__Measuring cups __Cutting board
__Heavy-duty aluminum foil __Ziplock bags
__Paper towels __Napkins
__Trash bags __Dish pan
__Dish soap __Dish rags/towels
__Clothes pins __Scrub pad/brillo
__Cooking oil/Pam spray __Seasonings/sugar/condiments
__Containers for food storage __Potato peeler

Clothes Personal
__Shoes/boots __Shower shoes/flip flops
__Jeans/pant/belt __Towels/washcloth
__Shorts __Soap in plastic case/shampoo
__T-shirts __Tooth brush/tooth paste
__Socks/extra socks __ Deodorant
__Hat __Comb/brush
__Bandana __Razor
__Sweatshirt/jacket __Feminine products
__Underwear __Toilet paper
__Sleep clothes __Shower bag or 5 gallon bucket
__Rain gear __Camping shower/shower pump
__Swim suit/towel __Other personal items
__Laundry bag __Personal medications–take extra

__Sunscreen/chapstick __Flashlight/batteries
__Lantern with fuel/mantles __Pocket knife
__Extra batteries/bulbs __Plastic grocery bags
__Compass/GPS __Binoculars
__Bug repellant/candles __Rope/clothes line
__Whistle __Canteen/water bottle/coffee pot
__Water filters/purification/treatment __Bungi cords/straps
__Camera/battery/film/video (see photo jigsaw puzzles) __Cards/games/toys/golf
__Books/magazines (a Kindle would be better) __Duct tape/electrical tape
__Candles __Notepad/pen
__Maps/directions __Reservations info./confirmation
__Misc. Tools __Cell phone/charger & 2-way radios/walkie talkies
__Backpack/fanny pack __Small shovel
__Fishing gear/license/bait __Safety pins
__Radio __Money/ID/credit card/quarters
__Musical instruments/song books __Bikes/helmets
__Camp chairs __Travel alarm clock
__Sunglasses __Work gloves
__Hammock __Umbrella
__First aid kit __Hand wipes
__Tissues __Drinks/snacks
__Saw/axe __Small sewing kit
__Park map/guidebooks/trail maps __Fire extinguisher
__Lantern pole or hanger __Hot chocolate/tea bags/coffee
__Collapsible drying rack __Scissors
__Popcorn __Watch

Donald asks…

6 day camp essentials?

I know the general stuff, like bedding and stuff, but what are the things that arent on the list I should bring? We’ll be sleeping in cabins with beds and toilets.

Martin answers:

550 cord, you can pick it up at any army surplus story. This may be one of Gods greatest inventions. It has a million and one uses. You never know when you’ll need to a piece of rope or stringe. This is both.
Also, make sure you have something for an upset stomach. Something to stop nausea and vomitting. Most likely the cabin you will be staying in will be on well water, some people don’t adjust to pure water, even a small amount of parasites is enough to make some people sick.
I will usually pass in a day or so but something to help it along wouldn’t be bad.

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