Donna asks…

what food should i have at my sweet 16 party?

its a camp out theme we are gonna roast marshmallows and have virgin drinks we are gonna sleep in my camper and play flashlight tag n stuff my parents are gonna let us be totally independent but what food should we order chinese pizza what? what else should we get i live in the country so we cant just have stuff delivered on a whim can you help me make a list

10 days till im 16

Martin answers:

Pizza is generally a popular choice. Maybe try asking a few of your close friends and see if they have any requests? I would recommend a salad and diet drinks as well, just to cater to those who are watching their weight. If you know anyone who wouldn’t mind setting up a grill and bbq, that’s very campy as well. Have fun enjoy your birthday!

Robert asks…

good snack food for vacation?

im going to camp with my youth group what r some good snacks to bring. i have on my list m&ms and doritos but want more… ideas?

Martin answers:

We usually do a “trail mix”…a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate morsels, sunflower nuts (already removed from the shells), mini marshmallows, and raisins. Sometimes we use m&m’s in place of the chocolate chips and sometimes we use salted peanuts instead of the sunflower nuts. Or you could make Chex mix. Or puppy chow…..also don’t forget the makings for s’mores!!!!

Sandy asks…

Is it true that schools are making kids tell them all the food in their house?

(I’m homeschooled) My mom’s friend is believing claims online that more and more schools are asking the kids to make a list and take pictures to show all the food in their house. Possible reasons for this are either that if people are stockpiling food then the government thinks they might be terrorists. Or that the government is finding out the popular foods in certain areas so they can drug the food that sells to make the people zombies so they can put them in concentration camps if they disagree with whoever(my bet is either Newt Gingrich or The Duggars but I don’t know). Is this thing about schools asking this true? What is the real reason?

Martin answers:

I found this question doing a search for homeschool (my children are homeschooled).

I have never heard of any of the children of my family members or friends having to document what food is in their home, and none of the teachers I know have ever said anything about this.

I believe it is as ridiculous as it sounds.

John asks…

Throwing husband a surprise party at a restaurant, how do I tell the guests to pay for their food?

My husband’s birthday is in May and I want to take him to his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. I want to throw him a surprise party and have a guest list of about 15, plus us, so it’d be 17 total. I’m in the process of switching jobs, so money is a bit tight and I don’t know how to ask everyone to go dutch and pay for their own food? I know it’s rude, please don’t post just to tell me that. I’m paying for his friend from boot-camp to come in from Norfolk and then paying for my food, husband’s food, his mom’s, and my parent’s…so after that, it’ll be tough to cover everyone else. How can I respectfully word this?

Martin answers:

I think you need to adjust your plans: go ahead with treating your husband and family guests to dinner at Olive Garden for his birthday dinner…..THEN be sure to return home at a certain time to have the other guests join you for cake and coffee for dessert>>there, everyone can relax and wish him well and talk easier and catch up on things.

“Having just a little something
to surprise my Special Guy…
Serving Birthday Cake and Coffee ~
We hope you can stop by!”

then give details……sometimes we just can’t do as much as we’d like to do, but we can still celebrate in a smaller way and still have it be a memorable time.

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