Daniel asks…

Food Recipe?

I have to make a meal using rice, vegatbles and fruit. at least 1 vegetable and at least 1 fruit all in the same meal and i must be able to cook it all in one pan over a camp burner thing. Any ideas? I’ll be greatul for any input.
Thanks everyone for your great idea. I will most certainly be using a tomato ;D I think i might used kidney beans and rice with a tomato sauce. It sounds plain but i have very little time and very few resources to cook it with/in. Thanks for you great ideas.

Martin answers:

Yes, tomatoes are considered a fruit. Just make a spanish style rice. Sautee some onions and peppers with a little salt, pepper and cumin. Once they get soft then add your rice. Then add 1/2 chicken stock and 1 1/2 parts diced tomatoes with more salt and pepper. If you have smoked paprika would be good as well. Make sure you have at least 1/2 extra part tomato than you would in the rice because it will be a little dry if you don’t.

Helen asks…

What foods to bring camping?

Need ideas/ recipes..thx!

Martin answers:

When we went camping this summer we fried eggs over the fire in the morning. We also made hamburgs and steaks on the fire. We brought lots of dry snacks like cereal bars, crackers. The little containers of fruit and jello or pudding , we made a lot of sandwiches for the first day. With a cooler and lots of ice you can bring a lot of things.

Lisa asks…

What are good foods for a Camp Care Package?

My best friend is at camp right now, and she said that she wants me to send her some food. She’s asked for cup ramen and jolly ranchers, but since I’m strapped for cash, I decided to try and make some food to fill the rest of the care package. I’m also sending a letter, some drawings, and plans for a party we’re throwing. So, any ideas/recipes for baked goods I can send. And yes, I’m sure her camp allows food.
Thanks for everyone who answered!
I decided to send her: Ramen, jolly ranchers, Baby Bells, and Pita Bread. Thank you!

Martin answers:

Some laughing cow cheese would be great. It is packaged, never goes bad, (well almost never), comes in many fat concentrations. Add some loafs of pita bread. Both are very cheap. Forget the baked stuff

Carol asks…

How can I scare someone who is camping?

My cousins are coming to my family get together where the people have bonfires, food, and everything else. They have a good time. Two of my cousins never been camping and one tried it once and wanted to go home after 2 hrs. I want to scare the crap out of them at 3 a.m. ANY IDEAS? I want to pull it off this coming Friday!

I’ve thought of using exploding 2 Liter pop bottles (Aluminum Foil and The Works toilet bowl cleaner) ~*My Fave*~ that sound like a very loud gun going off and a stink bomb recipe (Ammonia and matches sealed inside a glass jar) :)

Does the stink bomb potion work? I never tried it B4.

Martin answers:

Just remember, what goes around comes around.

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