Jenny asks…

What are inexpensive recipes?

My friend and I are going camping and what are some good grilling recipes that should cost no more than 5 dollars

Martin answers:

You can never go wrong with hot dogs and hamburgers!

Richard asks…

Must we always use recipes?

Ok, I follow recipes to a point but for most of my cooking I just do everything by taste and what looks right. My mother and grandmother taught me how to cook and bake in the kitchen and they never pulled out a book or notecard. My father was the same way outside camping and grilling. Who else feels this way?

Martin answers:

I think recipes are just a guide line for those who don’t know how to cook yet. It gives you the basic items in meals & you can change them to your taste. Not everyone is as talented in cooking.

Laura asks…

Do you have unusual camp recipes? Will you share one?

My friend is going camping and I thought she might like a fun camp trick or two to try.

Our family likes grilled or griddle pan chocolate chip cookies. You slice them from a roll and flip 1/2 way (3 to 5 minutes on each side).

Do you have any unusual camp recipes to share?

Martin answers:

I’ve got beer and Hot Pockets…does that count?

Sandy asks…

Do you think I can subsitute cut up caramels for caramel sauce in the following recipe?

We are going camping this weekend and came across a recipe for grilled caramel apples…basically you slice up an apple,place the slices in a lightly buttered tin foil packet and drizzle with a bit a caramel sauce,seal it up and then grill for about 7 minutes. Do you think I can substitue a couple of chopped up caramels instead of buying the sauce?

Martin answers:

Sure you can, it might actually work better for a camping trip to do it that way! Just use a lot of the caramel candies and put them both on top and on bottom for best coverage. Good luck! Have fun!

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