Donna asks…

good camp grounds in texas near dallas/fort worth?

please emial me at

Martin answers:

None worth doing

Helen asks…

How were you raised, and is that how you raise your children?

I grew up in a small country town in Texas, and it wasn’t until I was in my 20′s that I realized that not all children were raised like how me and my brother, and my friends were raised. I guess you could say I grew up sheltered but I was actually in shock to discover that not all people believed as my family and my friends families believed. Here is how I was raised:
I hardly ever disrespected my parents. If I did, I was grounded.
We went to church on Sundays, I went to Sunday school and Bible study on Wednesday. I went to church camp and I babysat for our preacher. Drinking and smoking were not allowed. If you did do that, you had better hope to heck that you didn’t get caught. If an unmarried girl got pregnant, she and the father got married. Even if they divorced later on, the child would not be labled a bastard.The elderly people in the community were respected. I did not cause trouble at school. Abortion, child abuse, spouse abuse, promiscuity and drugs were horrible.
I do live in a small country town in Texas now, though not the same one, and it is the same way. I guess I was nieve in believing that everyone was raised this way, but I honestly didn’t know anything about drugs, Athiests, child abuse or unmarried teens having kids. I find all that really sad and I will not raise my kids any other way than how my brother and I were raised.
I will teach my children Christianity because, regardless of what others may believe, I believe that it is my job as a mother and a Christian to lead my children to God. I don’t want to be responsible for my children not becoming Christians. I love my parents that they lead me that way.

Martin answers:

It’s what i call good old southern raising too bad the young parents of today don’t do it the world would be a better place and the kids would have more respect

James asks…

Will the Republicans now cry & scream that Bree Walker is buying Camp Casey & making into a Peace Monument?

For her own personal attention getter?

Bree Walker, will be purchasing Cindy Sheehan’s 5-acre property near the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas,

Walker, currently a resident of San Diego, was previously a television news anchor in Los Angles and New York. She confirmed the news to us moments ago, in an exclusive interview, that she intends to keep the property “as a ground for freedom and peace” and is considering erecting a memorial there for troops killed in Iraq. She hopes to create a meditation garden on the grounds and to keep it open to the public.

Why do the Republicans hate folks who do good
for the troops who die & try to create memorials for them?

Martin answers:

Oh, yes, the Repubs will cry and scream. It is what they do best. Following up on Mckenzies’s comment on military service – It would be enlightening to all of us to know why so many sons of Repubs have CHOSEN not to enlist and fight W’s war. How many young Repubs voted for W in both 2000 and 2004, but have failed to make the sacrifice of jobs and family to personally do their part to further his agenda?

Sandra asks…

Presidents and their digs?

I don’t claim to be an expert on presidents. So, I have a question that is probably easy to answer for most of you.
Where do our presidents get their get-aways?
i.e. Reagan had Camp David, Bush Senior I think had Kennebunkport maine , (which was really funny to watch Dana Carvey do his Bush impression and say it), I can’t remember Clintons retreat, I think it was Camp David in Maryland because I had to go there for something while I was stationed in Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. G Dubya has the ranch in Texas.
So are they asigned these places or are they owned by their families?

Martin answers:

Camp David is owned by the US Gov. Kennebunkport is owned by GHW Bush, The ranch in Tx is owned by GW. I think Clinton just mooched.

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