Michael asks…

does anyone know of some amazing wedsites for buying camping gear?

like headlights and such i need some websites
that have really good deals and arent crazy expensive you would be a lifesaver if you had some websites !

Martin answers:

Be aware of retail discounts going on right now for Memorial Day with the following stores:





Happy Trails!

Sandy asks…

How can I wire up a battery powered headlight?

The stator on my scooter is dead, and I can;t afford $100 for a new one (i mean, i drive a scooter, im obviosuly broke as joke). I only need it for visibility, not to pass an inspection or anything. The scooter eats bulbs like candy, and i can’t run it for more than about 4 seconds before it blows out a bulb. i was consider putting a new bulb in the housing, but instead of wiring it up legitimately, i would wire it into a battery pod. similar to a camping style headlamp or snake-light. when i ride it, just push the button and have a headlight. i seldom ride after dark, so i don’t need to really see, just be seen. anyone have a good suggestion for me?

Martin answers:

Sure you can use a battery to power the headlights but you are wrong to assume your stator is dead. If you stator has enought power to blow your headlight then the stator is fine. The problem is your voltage regulator is either blown or not grounded. With out the voltage regulator the voltage will run wild and blow out bulbs very quickly. The way the voltage regulator works is that it bleeds off the excess current to ground which limits the maximum voltage coming out of the regulator. Start by verifying if your regulator was grounded. If it was grounded then it’s safe to assume that the regulator is blown and you need to replace it. However, before replacing the regulator you should verify the reason it blew out in the first place. It could have just been the regulator was old or it was a very hot day but it could also have blown because components in the circuit were absent from the load which will put enough strain on the regulator to overheat it. Some things that can cause this are riding the bike with a blown headlight while the headlight switch is on or by running the bike with a blown fuse or missing battery. You can also blow the regulator by jump starting the bike from a car while the car engine is running. So if you blow a bulb in the future be sure to turn your headlight switch to either a different beam that’s still working or turn it to the off position. If the off position it engages a big resistor who’s job it is to help take the load off the voltage regulator.

Nancy asks…

Can I use any headlight on my vehicle or is there any compatibility issue that I need to worry about?

I researched and couldn’t find an answer to this problem. I apologize for my ignorance because I have never changed the headlights before. My vehicle is Honda Pilot 2008 and I am going to try to change the headlights by my own. The headlight that I am looking at is this:


Is it compatible with my vehicle?

Martin answers:

You should actually change both sides out when you change one.

Mark asks…

What is the most wildest nature experience you had?

For me it’d have to be going interior camping at Algonquin Park, Canada but apparently, I can’t seem to find anyone that’s been there. When i was canoeing around at night towards shore, I hit a deer, and that’s when I saw the expression “Deer in a flashlight” expression… i know it’s headlight but still haha. There were tons more wild animals and stuff and adventerous stuff there. good times. How was yours?

Martin answers:

I’ve been to Algonquin Park! About five years ago I think it was, I went camping with my dad and my brother. The park is nice and I like camping BUT I saw like, seven snakes and I was just flipping out the whole time (I have a really, REALLY bad phobia of snakes).

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