Thomas asks…

Camping ideas for kids?

for my senior project I want to take a group of kids camping but I need ideas for tings to do to keep them busy and having fun.oh and I’m not saposed to spend avout a lot of money on iut either.

Martin answers:

Snipe hunting!
campfire cooking
who has the best warrior yell
different kinds of fun competitions are always fun.
If there’s a river, build a dam out of rocks. Teaches teamwork.
Try different team building exercises. Such as:
One person in the middle of a circle of people. There person in the middle is a bear guarding his fish (sock, shoe, whatever). The people in the circle have to work together to get the item from the person in the middle. If the “bear” tags the scavengers (people in the circle) then they’re out. Maybe even try it with a couple “bears” if it’s too easy with just one. Great for teaching young people teamwork! Hope this helps, have fun!

Michael asks…

Does anyone have good ideas for kids to do while camping?

We have about 12 kids aged from 9-14 years old and are looking for fun while camping. Does anyone have a fun craft or anything reasonable and fun!

Thanks for your input!
Like a fun craft or game? For kids aged from 9-14?


Martin answers:

Make banana boats. Have everyone get a banana, enough foil to cover the banana, chocolate hershey kisses and mini -marshmellows. Peel the banana and cut it long ways. Put it on the foil and put the kisses in the middle. Then put the marshmellows on top. Wrap in foil and put it on the camp fire for a about 5-8 minutes. BECAREFUL WHEN YOU TAKE IT OF. ITS HOT!!!! But its ohhhhhhh sooooooooo good.

William asks…

Summer camp ideas for kids?

I’m going to be a camp counselor this summer for kids in my temple….but I have no idea what to do besides the usual! So far I have this down: relay racing, water balloons, sandart/coloring/drawing, storytelling, but I don’t know what else to do! These kids range from about 4 or 5 to 11 or 12 ish..Most of them are much younger, though, not many above 10 or 11… I know I should probably separate them into groups, but even so, do you have any ideas as to what else I can offer them? I’d like to do some fun projects but I just don’t know what could incorporate some sort of fun challenge and possibly even educational fun as well…any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Martin answers:

Torpedo Bombs!!
I’ve been doing this with my camp for 6 years. We do this on the last day and it’s the big highlight! You take tissue paper. If it’s two-ply (and most is) tear it apart making it one-ply. Put a spoonful of flour inside and wrap it up securing it with scotch tape. I spread these around in a big circle and when we say go everyone throws them at each other including the camp couselors. The only rule is no throwing at anyones face. This does happen from time to time so have towels on hand to wipe their little faces. I do this activity from ages 4-12 and it appeals to both. After the first year I realized how time consuming it was to make the “bombs”. So I made it a contest. I send a letter home the first day of camp with the instructions. And whoever brings the most on the last day of camp wins a supersoaker ($10 from K-Mart). It’s gotten quite competitive with people bringing over 1,000 bombs! Good Luck

Ken asks…

Spring backyard kids camp ideas?

I am hosting a mini- spring break camp for kids in my church at my house. I am a young teen and I cant drive but what are some good ideas to entertain 12 kids for 2 days(3 hours each day)? Easter/Spring ideas would be great. I already have egg hunt, bunny craft, pin the ears on the bunny. Please dont give messy ideas or give me things like”well you cant do a camp without adults” or something stupid like that because I have been doing it for 3 years! I have a budget of $35 but I can probably go slightly over that because I am charging $10 a day per child. Do you think that is a good price? Thanks
Also, I am very well known as a fantastic babysitter so that is why I can say I will have 12 kids come.
Okay lady. It is not overnight! It is lasting for 2 days, 3 hours each day. Bleh
Also. It isnt for church or anything, it is basically for kids I know from Church. I am LDS.

Martin answers:

I would charge $5 per kid, $10 is kinda high. Especially since it’s church related. Usually those things are voluntary. I did that for free. But money is money. :D

Anyways, at target in the dollar section they have these tiny pots with seeds in them. You plant it, and it grows a flower or tomatoe plant or something. You should get each of them one, and have them start planting it. Tell them how to take care of it, and have them take it home after the two days. Do something for the church. I’m not sure of your religion, but a decoration or a craft for the priest (or what your religion has) easter related, but not all bunny’s and eggs, make it religious. Other fun small games are mother may I, tug a war, red rover, or even a scavenger hunt (You could have 12 big eggs with prizes in them, and all found in a treasure chest. Use post it’s to hint where the next clue is then eventually they’ll find the treasure. They’d probably like it more than just an egg hunt). Good luck and have fun! :D

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