Mary asks…

Any recommendation for snow camping (backpacking trail) on January in California? Kings Canyon, Yosemite, etc?

Backpacking trip on January 2008. Snow backpacking trails.

Martin answers:

Any trail in winter in California is extremely difficult to navigate let alone traverse. Yosemite trails are all closed in the winter because there is so much snow and all the markers are buried in snow by at least 6 feet. Kings Canyon I’m not sure about. Lassen National Park is awesome to hike but the trails and the park are closed in the winter because snow gets to an average of 25 feet deep or more. 4 years ago it was 40 feet deep and the roads didn’t open through the park until after July 4. Most of the Pacific Crest trail is also closed December through the beginning of March for the same reason. Snow!If you want to winter camp, there are programs at snowbound campgrounds and in some areas there are camp sites open so you can do just that, camp in the snow. Build a snow cave and stay in it, etc. Sorry I couldn’t recomend one.

Michael asks…

Good tennis camps in Southern California on December?

Does anyone know any good tennis camps located in Southern California between December 16, 2011 – January 3, 2012? I want it to have a residential camp so I have somewhere to sleep :) I also want it to be affordable, I want to improve a lot, and most of all I want to have fun. Thanks in advance :D
I’m going to be 17 at that time and I’m planning to play at my High School tennis team.

Martin answers:

Just google “Tennis camps in southern california”.

Trust me, you will find ALOT of good camps

Susan asks…

winter campground in california?

me and my friends want to go camping this january. does anyone know a good place thats open for the winter season. preferably around southern california. Thanks

Martin answers:

El Capitan State Beach and Campground-Goleta, CA (just above Santa Barbara)
Ventura, CA along Highway 101
Big Bear (Serrano Campground and several others along the lake)
Azusa Canyon-East Fork there is a campground right next to the San Gabriel River
San Onofre State Beach-Below San Clemente and south to San Diego along Interstate 5

Daniel asks…

Confusion about marine lingo– rank vs. class?

Okay I am SO new to this whole marine/military thing. I finally figured out the format for the address to send a letter to my friend at Camp Pendleton.

Here is what the website that I finally found said (on how to format the envelope):

Rank, Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
Company____, Class______, Platoon _______
PSC Box 555081
Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5081

Now… I know he just joined in January, so he is an E2. Can some one help me out… I’m thinking that his rank is “Private” and class is “2″? Am I right? I feel so dumb with all of this — and I’m about to graduate from college…. Haha…

Thanks for your help in advance!

Martin answers:

I will use the name of Homer Simpson as an example..

PFC Simpson, Homer
Hotel Co., Class #, Plt. #
PSC Box 555081
Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5081

Just fill in his info instead of the info in the example..The last 3 lines will never change…Just add his name, company, class and platoon..

PFC stands for Private First Class

and you being a college student has nothing to do with you knowing this stuff..Its just unfamiliar to you, thats all

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