Mandy asks…

USMC Boot camp in winter?

Hi everyone,

I’m going to boot camp October 18th which is about 2 weeks ago. I graduate January 14th or something and for my 10 days vacation I’ll be going to spend some time with a friend in Utah. It’ll be like 20 degrees in Utah during the day and like 10 degrees at night. Considering I wont get issued any civilian clothing for my 10 day vacation. Will I be issued a jacket or something during the winter months of boot camp training? I live in Hawaii and the drastic climate change is gonna be hard to adjust to right away.

Thanks in advance.

Martin answers:

Like Lava Perro said, San Diego does not have harsh winters so don’t worry. Lol just be thankful your not going to Navy Boot camp in the Great Lakes, it must be cold up there.

Sandra asks…

clothes during boot camp vacation?

Hi everyone,

I’ll be going to USMC boot camp October 18th. I graduate January 14th and get my 10 days vacation after that. My recruiter told me to just go to boot camp with the clothes on my back because everything will be issued to me. I live in hawaii and have to fly to san diego for MCRD. During my 10 days vacation I plan on staying in utah with a friend so I’ll only have the clothes on my back from before I left for boot camp. Will i get any non uniform clothes issued to me that I can wear during my 10 days vacation? Or will I need to use the boot camp money and buy some clothes to wear during my 10 day vacation.

Thanks in advance

Martin answers:

When you graduate boot camp, you will get 10 days ‘leave’. Not vacation. When you get to boot camp, you will place all your civilian possessions in a box and it will be mailed to your home. When you get leave, you’ll only have your military uniforms and gear. May advise, have your folks in Hawaii send some clothes to the address in Utah. Good Luck.

James asks…

Where should I go for my fall break?

I live in utah (SLC) and im looking for somewhere my bf and i can go for fall break, we have about 5 days and would like to go somewhere within 5-8 hours drive, it is mid october so somewhere with good foliage would be nice, we like scenic hiking (not really long backpacking), maybe camp a night or two, not really looking for a big city a small town in the mountains, and also not looking to spend a lot of money, any suggestions?

Martin answers:

I would go to the Navajo Reservation, and visit Monument Valley or Yellowstone. Get away from it all and just enjoy the quiet. I am in college as well, my family and I went to Yellowstone for the summer break. Fall break we are going to run down to Crater Lake. Its just nice to sit and unwind. And of course both places are very nice when there is a full moon out, you can just sit back and hold each other,( you will want to because it will be chilly) and listen to the coyotes in the distance.

John asks…

Will I be able to do this with the money from boot camp?

Hello all,

I ship out to MCRD San Diego on october 18th. I graduate January 14th and I get 10 days of vacation and return the 24th. I was told by my recruiter i’ll have about 1500-2000 dollars of cold cash when I get out after everything has been paid for. Hopefully this is true. I plan on flying to Utah for my 10 days vacation and meeting a friend for the first time. I met them through the internet and we are really good friends now and I wanna hang out with them on my vacation. Now paying 80 bucks a night for a hotel will be costly and could add up to 800+ dollars. My friend agreed to pay half of the hotel costs if I couldn’t stay with them. I’m not sure if their parents will allow it and probably wont so I’d rather think I dont have anywhere to stay. I posted on craigslist about my situation and hopefull I’ll get a reply of someone renting their room or something to me for 10 days. I’ll pay them like 150 bucks for 10 days. Pretty reasonable since they want like 300-400 a month.

So my question is, with the money from bootcamp will I be able to fly to utah and stay somewhere for 10 days if I have to pay? Then be able to do some things with my friend like go to eat and stuff?

If I have 1500 dollars when I get out.

-300 for round trip plane ticket
-100 for checked bags maybe
-400 for hotel(they pay half)
-120 dollars for cab if my friend cant pick me up
-75 for food

I’m thinking ill spend about 1000 bucks or so getting set in the place. If worse comes to worst. I have no money right now and I was just wondering if I’ll be able to fly to utah and hang out with me friend during my vacation? I really wanna meet them :D

thanks a lot!
EDIT- Will I have enough money to fly there and stay at a hotel for 10 days?

Martin answers:

Yes, of course you could do all that. But don’t you want to see your family? I’m sure they will want at least a couple of days with their new Marine. Parents get pretty upset when their (admittedly adult) children get leave for the first time and choose to spend all their time somewhere else, especially to visit someone they’ve never actually met.

I suggest you spend two or three days in Utah, to meet this internet “friend.” If this person is all you hope for, then plan on more time later.

Don’t make reservations for a long visit, because it could turn out that this person isn’t at all who you thought, and you don’t want to be stuck alone in an unfamiliar place for a week or more.

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