Carol asks…

This kid (about age 5) got suspended for bringing a pocket knife thing to school……?

a little kid, brought a camp knife-pocket tool thing-a-ma-bob to school…..

he got suspended for like a couple months.

Don’t you think that’s absurd?

It was poor judgement…..the kid wasn’t going to hurt anyone.

I usually say safety comes first….but this was too extreme of a punishment for too minor of an offense.

It reminds me of an incident where they had to land an airplane because one of the passengers had a finger-nail trimmer or something…..she was just smoothing out her nails…….
and she refused to put it away so they landed the plane.

I strongly support cracking down on safety to prevent incidents of terrorism……
but they should also use sensible judgment.

Martin answers:

Its stupid anything in school can be used as weapon if somebody wanted to. You can stab someone with a pencil and that person can lose an eye. This country so screwed up. If a black or latino brings a weapon to school they can’t get in trouble because its “racism”. A white kid brings a utensile to school and everyone is accusing him of being the next virginia tech or Columbine.

Mark asks…

What is your favorite knife/multi-tool to take camping/backpacking/general use and why?

I’ve got a Schrade fixed blade knife. It’s strong and without a doubt my favorite. It’s blade is about 4 1/2 inches. Has a very attractive burlwood handle. Keeps it’s edge very well. I think this particular knife works with the way my hands are just right. I think the perfect knife will be different for everyone. I just want some ideas for a knife to check out in the future if this knife ever fails me. And I just like to see people brag about their knife!

Martin answers:

I carry a swiss army with scissors, screwdriver/fingernail tool, tweezers, toothpick and an intimidating 1 1/4 inch blade. It weighs less than an ounce and in almost forty years of backpacking it’s all I’ve ever needed. To carry more would be a waste for me.

Ken asks…

i live in ct and need to know about knife laws?

i am under 18 and love to collect knives, what kind of knives can you carry on yourself (as a minor) legally and is it possible to get a permit for carrying one, i only have assisted openers and folding, plus a few fixed blades, no switch or automatic ones. i always like to have one in my pocket going places like the mall, etc i normally have them for safety/a tool for camping. thanks for the help :)

Martin answers:

You can carry most knives if the sharp edge is 4 inches or less, so long as it’s not double-edged. Switchblades are actually legal if the blade is less than 1.5 inches long. The law doesn’t have anything about age: The law is the same for minors and adults alike.

Whether an assisted opener is a switchblade or not under CT’s law is actually never been decided. A CT cop I was talking with on a forum even said they went right to the State Attorney General’s Office and could not get a straight answer. So I would advise caution when carrying them, as half the cops in CT think their switchblades, and the other half don’t. Regular folders with one-handed thumb-studs are fine though.

Donald asks…

Does a folding knife lock prevent the blade from coming out or in?

Does a folding knife lock prevent the blade from coming out when it’s folded or from coming in when its out? Or both?
Btw I’m not talking about those multi-tools or swiss army knives
I’m just asking because I’m going on a camping trip and my organization requires a folding knife that has a lock.
I have a folding knife but it only locks when it’s out (I think). Does that count?

Martin answers:

It prevents it from closing on u. If the knife is in good condition it shud not open by itself.

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