Sandra asks…

if im going camping is this food list good to survive on?

cheese and crackers
canned fruit

Martin answers:

It really depends on how long you are camping for. If more than a day or two or if you are hiking and doing a lot of physical activity this probably isn’t the best meal plan for you. You need to have enough food to provide you with plenty of protein and nutrients to stay in top physical condition; a lot of the time when camping people forget that they need more food to help overcome the extra physical activity they participate in. I would bring oatmeal for a morning food (it’s super easy to make over a fire or camp stove if you have a small pot and fills you up great) granola bars and trail mix for snacks during the day. Canned fruit and carrots are good but you will want more than beans to eat for dinner and bigger meals. Spaghetti is easy to make and rather filling, so is rice. Beans are good as a side dish but they do take a long time to cook (if they aren’t already in a can). Just make sure you get a variety that will keep you healthy, just like you would at home. :)

Laura asks…

What food shall i take camping?

i’m going camping for a weekend, and will be hiking all day both days, i know i need to bring high calory foods but as i have never done an expedition before can somebody give a me a good list of food to bring?

Martin answers:

Are you going to be stopping and cooking or does it have to be ready to eat.
High calorie and high carbs will probably be the best option so things like baked potatoes with cheese, tuna, beans etc if you are able to put in fire. If not then you should really be taking with you tinned fish, packets of noodles, beans, chocolate, glucose sweets. Make sure you do have water with you as you will go through that.
Basically keep it simple, easy to cook, easy to digest and provide you with the extra you will need for the extra exercise.

Susan asks…

What is good CAMPING food??

List of food to bring, meals to make, snacks, treats, ect…………???? Please help!!!
We are camping with a tent and campfire, no RV or Pop up ….just outside over the open flame! :)

Martin answers:

Well are you camping in a tent or RV or a Travel Trailer?
We had a Pop up and then went to a travel Trailer and Now we have an RV.
Hamburgers and Hot dogs
Steaks and baked pot and Corn on the cob
Pizza Burger’s
Boneless chicken Breasts
Fried Potatoes
All these can be cooked in doors or on a Grill or open Fire.
We take a slow cooker and hook it up put side on our picnic table and we have a roast and potatoes and carrots in it and Bread for dinner
or Greenbeens and Ham and potatoes in the slow cooker.
Snack well I always bring for the kids fruit rolls up or the Individual bags of chips and pop sickles.Pudding is a good treat for the kids.I also Like the Individual drinks for the kids.we buy 2 litter of pop when they go on sale for camping it is cheaper than the cans .We have Cereal or cereal bars for the kids for Breakfast.

Ken asks…

List Of Foods To Take Camping….

Im Going camping for a week and leaving on wednesday. I need a list of foods to bring camping. Please help. And i want it in list form =]]]

Thanks =]

Martin answers:

And you want it in list form? It’s not good enough that we are helping you plan your trip, but you also feel the need to give us formatting advice? Not a good start for your first week here.

Fresh milk for drinking, powdered milk for other uses
Hot Dogs/Buns/Condiments
Sandwich fixings
Pancake Mix (Jsut add water/milk kind)
Eggs (the ones that come in the milk-type carton)
Jiffy pop for the open fire
A nice steak
Baking potatoes and tinfoil

Don’t forget a bin and stuff to wash dishes with.

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