Lizzie asks…

Where is Camp Johnson, NC located?

I cant find it on any maps of Camp Lejeune for some reason, and I’m trying to look around for apartments as close to Camp Johnson as possible.

So which city/town is nearest Camp Johnson?

Martin answers:

Lots of Marines live in the Swansboro or Cape Carteret area. It is easily under thirty minutes of commuting time since he can go in the back gate at highway 172.

There are nice restaurants in the area, and you have the added benefit of being ten minutes from the beach. If you zoom in on this map, you can see some of the services in the Swansboro area.

Hospitals can be found in Jacksonville, New Bern, and Morehead City.

The Swansboro-Cape Carteret area is a great family area with lots of churches and events for families. It is also very safe, and there is plenty of rental housing. Their two year-old would have enjoyed the Emerald Isle Christmas Parade.

Carol asks…

is north marine blvd on the camp lejeune base in nc?

i’m going to camp lejeune. i need to find a hotel on base. does anyone know where a good website is for a map of camp lejeune or if North Marine Blvd is on base?

Martin answers:

No, Marine Blvd. Is not on Camp Lejeune. There aren’t any civilian hotels on Lejeune. If you are military you can stay at the Hospitality Inn. If not, the closest hotel to the main gate is the Liberty Inn, which is on Lejeune Blvd. Yahoo maps has a good map of the area, just know that Marine Blvd. Is the same as 17 and Lejeune Blvd. Is the same as 24 (the road that leads directly to the main gate). Hope this helps!

Nancy asks…

i want to plot my course for my bicycle ride from wilmington,nc to tyler,tx in 2011?

im trying to plot available camp sights,hotels,bike shops along the way.i will be bring a backpack with a tent in iit .i dont want to get off my path to far.i mapped out my course with google maps using the bicycle option but it is hard to determine where these things are on it.and i plan on trying to do at least 75-100 miles a day.can someone help me

Martin answers:

You better start riding now!

100 miles a day is ROUGH!

How much are you riding now?

It will take 2-3 months of daily increasing rides, to even get close to being ready

though you could just take off and train on the route

but you won;t be riding 100 miles on day 1
more like 20
increase as you ride more

you also better get the right bike
with racks panniers low gears, , etc

backpack isn;t going to work

keep the cargo on the bike

go for it
write if yuo get work


Paul asks…

Roadtrip from Bozeman, MT to Wilmington, NC… (Round trip)?

Cool places to see on the way?
We are planning on driving to Minneapolis the first day and staying with family, and from there on we are going to camp out, so I’m looking for suggestions on pretty places to camp out, too.
Any advice in general would be great!

Martin answers:

As you go east on I94 through Wisconsin you will come to the Wisconsin Dells. You really should check it out, especially if you have kids with you. You can check out the Sears Tower in Chicago. I’m sure there are places you can check out In Indianapolis. There are some beautiful mountains you will go through in Kentucky, West Virgina, And Virgina. Do not know much about NC.

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