Jenny asks…

How do I put up my mosquito net?

I’m going camping and I bought a mosquito net but I need to know how to hang it up, and there aren’t many trees at my campstite.

Martin answers:

Did it not come with instructions? Perhaps you can string a rope between two trees (bring lots of rope if trees are scarce) and hang it from that…..if not, consider asking for a different site, or just bring lots of deet, sage to toss on your fire and citronella candles/spikes.

John asks…

How can I order the the Camp Rock Soundtrack from net?

I tried in many music stores but I couldn’t get it anywhere. HAs anyone ordered it on net?? CAn you please help??

Martin answers:

try the first 4 links there all gewd

Laura asks…

What do you guys think about the whole fema camp stuff circulating the net?

I’ve seen tons of these videos. it’s pretty creepy to think about. Also there’s supposed to be hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins they had made.

do you guys know anything about this? I’d like to find out more.

Martin answers:

Conspiracy theories and a picture of The Question.
Coincidence? I think not.

James asks…

How much $ does a typical marine net in boot camp in 2008??

If I walked in to boot camp w/$0, how much $ would be in my account on my graduation date?

Martin answers:

For E1 with less than 4 months in it is around $1250 per month before deductions. These deductions include Federal & State Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare, AFRH (.50 per month), SGLI ($29 per month), GI Bill ($100 for first 12 months) to start.

If you are married then you will get BAH (Housing Allowance) which will be based on the zip code the spouse is residing at. You will also receive Family Separation of $250 per month when you are gone longer than 30 days due to schooling, training, TAD, TDY or deployment.

For pay tables go to:

For BAH, etc… Go to:

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