David asks…

I live in henderson nevada and want to know a good camping spot for my family?

It would be me, my mom, her boyfriend, a friend of mine, and my 4 year old little sis
Im looking for a camping area we can stay for one night to just chill, if anyone knows any good areas could you let me know and maybe post details

Martin answers:

This time of year – try the Mohave Preserve…it’s about 90 minutes from Vegas and you can do distributed camping on the public land…there are also developed campgrounds at Midhills and Hole in the Wall.

Lake Mead (Boulder Beach) is an option, but it’s kind of noisy with all the people.

Also – when winter is over, there are several camping areas in Kyle and Lee Canyons up in the Spring Mountains north of town.

George asks…

Camping in Nevada, we don’t know where to camp?

I have a bit of a situation.
My friend and I want to go camping but we live in Henderson NV, right next to Las Vegas, NV
And we don’t know where to camp and it’s a little hot here. It’s 105 right now.
Any suggestion on what to do?
If there’s no spots here, I was thinking maybe going to Utah, I know a place in the mountains ppl camp there too, but I’m not sure what to do

Martin answers:

Go west and a little north to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and there you are! It’s not that far out of Vegas.

Paul asks…

any suggustions 4 camping spots in cali/nevada area?

i want to go camping. like going towards nevada from cali. up that way. i want to be able to go camping, swimming, maybe even boating(all crafts), has showers and flush able toilets. any one know of any places to camp?

Martin answers:

One of the beauties of California is its diverse climate and geography. The route that you have described is full of different types of climate and topography. There are mountans, deserts, streams and lakes, all with campsites, showers, flush toilets, etc. So, where exactly are you looking to go? You can take the 395 up towards Lone Pine, Bishop, and eventually Tahoe and there are tons of campgrounds with the amenities you mentioned, all are beautiful areas. June Lake, Mono Lake, South Lake, all are in or near the Sierra Nevada Mountains (about 5-6 hr from LA)

John asks…

I am planning to go camping in the Nevada for a month. What things should I know before I go?

Martin answers:

Watch our for polygamists!

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