Donna asks…

LI sleepaway camps?

im a 14 year old girl looking to go to a sleepaway camp on long island. maybe the hamptons? i live on long island and i dont wanna b far from home. MUST be COED! i am interested in cheerleading and dance and theatre. i would love 5-day sessions. no more than three week sessions!

Please give me as much info as u can! it would really help!

Martin answers:

There’s a good camp run by 4H in Riverhead.

You can look into it more here:

Betty asks…

Good baseball clinics on long island?

clinics or camps that teach you how to field and hit ect? not to expensive a good price i play syag and im 11.

Martin answers:

Found this one… It’s the Official Sports Camp of the Long Island Ducks!

Sharon asks…

What should I wear on a trip to Long Island?

I’m leaving on Tuesday for a two-week trip staying with family. I go every year, but this is the first year that I’m actually fashion-conscious. I live in Florida, but I’m very into long, flowing skirts and short-shorts. I wear a lot of tank tops and low-cut and scoop neck tees. As for shoes, I singularly wear flip flops, but I’m picking up some gladiator flats today and some fashion sneakers tomorrow. I know it gets cold at night and we’re going camping somewhere North Shore, so I don’t know if just bring a sweater will be enough to hold me for two weeks. Last year, I didn’t wear tanks and I usually wore long sleeved shirts and jeans. I was never cold, but I looked like a dork and rarely matched. How do you think I’ll fair, guys? Are there some other items I should pack or buy?

Martin answers:

Look at DKNY and Brooks Brothers and online. Watch ‘What Not to Wear’ (which is shot in NY). Wear solid colors — as in a shirt with only one color, like white. You can’t go wrong with lots of black, but make sure it’s neat and fits well without frump. The hippy chick look does not fit in. You’ll stand out in a way you won’t like. Clothes are more fitted and neat. You can’t drive on or off of Long Island without going through NYC; NYC is on Long Island, after all: Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island. I say that because NYC is actually pretty friendly. People don’t have inferiority wannabe complexes like jersey jackasses, upstate people from Westchester, and new Englanders do.

Florida is practically a neighboring state given the # of NY’ers there.

Jenny asks…

Why is it that on camping trip theirs always a hot girl?

well every time im on vacation or out nice places their is always a girl i end up falling for i just want to know why. In the summer i am also a life guard on a beach called isabella in fishers island off of the long ISLAND sound. well last year there were three girls i ended up with and i had a girl friend. my question is why do guys always have to be the cheater.

Martin answers:

Uncontrollable hormones I guess, might as well enjoy it while ur young, and unmarried.

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