Mary asks…

Trying to find visual pictures of Red wood lodge in Whitney Texas?

It’s a resort and RV camping area

Martin answers:


James asks…

POLL: Was it inevitable that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain would play the race card?

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Sunday criticized rival Rick Perry as being insensitive for not acting sooner in removing the racially offensive name from a rock outside the Texas hunting camp his family once leased.

“Perry’s campaign countered that Perry’s father painted over the rock to cover the name, N****rhead, soon after he began leasing the site in the early 1980s. While the Texas governor later joined the lease, neither he nor his family ever controlled, owned or managed the property, the campaign said in a statement.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I support neither Rick Perry nor racism, nor do I condone use of the N word. But hasn’t Mr. Cain damaged his candidacy by resorting to such an obvious, Clarence Thomas-esque tactic?

Martin answers:

Much as I hate to say it, yes–it was inevitable. Since Cain had nothing else to work with, such as an original idea, he used what he could in an attempt to discredit Perry.

Michael asks…

What to expect at a “Male only” clothing optional resort?

There is a place I have seen advertised on the internet here in Texas called the Circle J ranch (get it?? Circle J?), Anyway it is designated as a clothing optional place and for males only. Im thinking about taking a trip there to check it out, I love nudism and have been to “regular” nudist places. Somehow I think this one is going to be different, haha. YOu can camp in a tent or they have a bunkhouse with bunk beds. Im thinking of the bunkhouse, sounds like a gas. Do you know the place? what do you think I should expect?

Martin answers:

Here’s a link to their blog that I found on Google. The pictures on the blog tell you pretty much everything that you need to know. :-)

Ken asks…

What do I do? Life Changing Question…?


My problem is acting. Last summer I went to Hollywood for an acting camp. While I was there I impressed my teacher. He told my parents, out of all the teens there, that I was the one that should stay, that I had something. So I stayed. No planning, no nothing. We got an appartment in North Hollywood and have been there a year. I have done some minor things for television, but nothing big. Every agent that I have audition for begged to have me, so I signed with one. EVeryone says that I will make it, that I have what it takes…. What I didn’t know was the sacrifices.

I have no friends, I have no social time, I dont get to go to high school, my brother wont go to high school without me. My dad stayed in Texas to keep the money going for us to stay there. My mom lives with us, and I believe it is tearing my parents apart… Its directly my fault for splitting the family. Today, I am back in Texas visiting. My best buddy misses me, my Grandpa wants me to stay (Almost begged) Grandma wont voice an opinion because she wants me to be happy. My uncle always wanted to be an actor and he said kids would die for my position, and that I would get tired of high school.

I am a comedian, like Will Ferrel, Jim Carrey, John C Reilly, but see, they all graduated high school before starting acting. (Also, Chris Farley, Mike Meyers, And so on)

So my question is, what do I do? Do I split my family apart for another year and not got to high school? (Pretty much drop my childhood… No girlfriends, no friends, not really anything) And make an amazing acting career, be on T.V. become what I want to become.

Or should I bring my family back together, make friends, go to high school?

I honestly have no one to ask, so I resorted for help on yahoo.

Thanks everyone. You don’t have to decide for me, maybe just some adive will help..


Or should I

Martin answers:

If I was in your position, I would go to my family. What if by chance you fail in show business? Where will you go then? At least if you graduate High School, you can always go back if all goes well.

Family and friends is number 1 priority in everyone’s life. They are like your center core for support. If you don’t have that, then, what’s the point of doing things if no one supports you?

You stated other Comedians like Will Ferrel graduated High School and then taking the high road. You should do the same, when will be the next chance to get a education?

You don’t get tired of High School. It’s so much fun, you will miss out on a lot of things if you don’t go. Kids might die for your position, that’s great to know, but everyone has different dreams.

Basically, I think you should reunite the family and have a fun time just living a normal life. Fame can come after High School and you can always practice your skills at home also! :)

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