Donald asks…

Where In Southern California can I go camping in the wild? As in hike in and set up camp and start a fire?

Like that book about Chris Macandless “Into the Wild.” Where can I do that? I was thinking Sequoia National Forest.

Martin answers:

The Sequoias are a good choice, the Angeles and San bernardino national forests are closer. A place you might enjoy is dry lake up in the San Gorgonio wilderness it’s a hike in only destination with lots of wildlife around it. Fire restrictions may apply to all locations though. Another is deep creek behind Big bear it has fishing, look up dispersed camping from the different national forests and call the respective forest ranger district offices they will tell you of particular open camping areas away from the established campgrounds where you can practice bush-craft.

Sandra asks…

good design for building camping set-up in 75 troopy?

want storage and to be able to sleep in troopy as well

Martin answers:

If you mean an Izusu trooper email me and I will tell you what I did to a similar vheicle

Paul asks…

army or airforce cadets camping set up?

Im going on biv this friday and i do not know anything LOL.
i have like the sleeping bag and bags and everything to eat so thats all okay.
but do you get given shelter or something? can you bring a tent?
what do i need to set up my campsite and how do i set it up

Martin answers:

Whatever you can carry guy;

David asks…

Can you set up random outdoor camping spots in ny mountains?

is it legal to randomly camp in NY state W/O using lodging facilities?

Martin answers:

Yes and no would be the correct answer. Not all state and federal locations permit dispersed camping, but most do.

First off, be aware that there is Federal and State managed lands available for dispersed camping, as well as the fact that there is a lot of private property interspersed with public lands.

You will need good maps and know how to locate your exact position if you really want to respect private property owner rights. If you are unsure of the rules of the location you want to camp, you need to contact the appropriate land manager. Checking with official sources avoids potential problems with seasonal closures and they will provide the most current regulation information available.

Here are some links to help with your search…

Http:// – General Back Country Camping Information – State Land Camping Rules

Many National Wildlife Refuges permit dispersed camping but I don’t know about New York. Here is a link to Federal NWR’s… Http://

National Forests permit dispersed camping and here is a link for those Federal lands in New York… Http://…

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