Mark asks…

Where is a good place to go Back Country camping in Virginia?

My cousin and I, along with a few others are planning a trip to go Back country camping and would like to know of a good place to do so in Virginia.

Martin answers:

Here’s a trail along the AT that had pretty high ratings on…

Furnace Mountain / Trayfoot Mountain Overnight Loop (20.6 Miles):
“If you like mountaintop views and camping along streams, this loop is for you. Head north on the Appalachian Trail (AT) and turn west toward Austin Mountain, with many views of your destination. Camp in the woods along Madison Run and then climb up to Furnace Mountain for more views. Walk along the rest of Trayfoot Mountain and drop to Paine Run for more streamside camping. Pass historic Blackrock Springs and culminate your trip at the view from Blackrock.”

Find more details here:

Happy Trails!

Thomas asks…

what is a great place to go tent camping in north carolina/southern virginia?

im looking for a nice place to camp in north carolina or southern virginia with 3 of my friends this month. we’re looking for a place in which the walk from the parking to the campsite is not too far, and a place in which each individual campsite has privacy from other campers. thanks!

Martin answers:

Look anywhere along the appalachian trail…..

Betty asks…

Can I go dispersion camping anywhere in Virginia or West Virginia with a 9mm pistol and target shoot outdoors?

Not hunting, no license to conceal, for either State or National Parks

Martin answers:

Ask at the ranger station. They may have a map of places where you can plink.

Lisa asks…

What’s the name of the grocery store closest to Cherrystone Family Camping Resort in Virginia?

I mean the one outside the camping compund…

Martin answers:

Hi there,here”s a map with the grocery stores closest to Cherrystone Family Camping Resort ,zoom in and have a closer west from the letter b for the camp..


regards pops..

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