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Uhaul Discounts Codes – Guaranteed Reservation or $50 Back

So you need to move something from your office or from your home, and the new location is all the way to the next city. So you think: “Damn, I wonder how much it would cost to rent a truck these days?” Well, the prices depend from one company to another, but in the end perhaps you`ll want to use U-Haul because nothing beats using Uhaul coupons or Uhaul discount code deals to save the amount of money you want and avoid paying for the full price. And who can blame you? Moving equipment or supplies these days isn`t easy or cheap.

About U-Haul

Uhaul is considered a brand which understands completely the whole importance of what it means to move anything from one location to another, in a safe and effective manner. The company provides complete solutions for moving and storage rentals. This brand provides an whole fleet of cargo vans and pickup trucks, and the program is made in such a way that all clients are satisfied in the end.

Why Choose Uhaul Truck Rental?

There are a lot of rental companies out there. It`s true that customers can always choose Penske or Ryder, but on the other hand, any truck rental company is good as long asit offers you the discount you need. Although choosing to use the services of this company is probably the best choice possible, it`s still necessary to keep a few guidelines in mind.

  • Cheaper Than the Competition – There are a lot of companies that offer budget trailer rentals out there, but the Uhaul truck rental company is different in the way that Uhaul prices are always cheaper than the competition. For example, if you own a business and you need to move your employees from one place to another, your company could save up to 75% in control relocation expenses and van line move.
  • Security Is Essential – U-Haul provides several security levels so customers can have their belongings protected. These could include video monitoring, electronic gates, perimeter fencing, alarmed rooms or intercom systems.
  • Storage Management – Using U-Haul, you can maintain an effective way to track the costs and usage of your employee`s business storage.
  • Uhaul Locations near Me – You can use the U-Haul rentals: Find a U-Haul location from the official website of the company to find the nearest U-Haul rental locations.
  • Cheap Additional Days for 1-Way Moves – It`s very important to plan ahead with your nearest U-Haul location so you can have an accurate rental contract. The prepaid charges for additional days when it comes to renting trailers are somewhere at $20 per day.
  • Responsibility – Whoever signs the contract before renting a truck from this brand is fully responsible for either the truck or the company`s equipment.
  • Traveling Over the United States/Canadian Border – U-Haul trucks can travel across the border. However, the person who is drives the truck is subject to any laws that govern the border.
  • Fuel Details – Usually, the company requires that the truck should be returned with as much gas as it has when it was picked up.
  • Damage Coverage – The company provides different options for damage coverage so the customer can be relieved of any financial responsibilities if the equipment suffer any damages.

Related Terms for Uhaul Discount Codes

There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to these kinds of discounts. Some of these things are outlined below followed by short descriptions.

  • Budget Truck Rental – If you in the need of moving truck rentals at cheap rates and U Haul doesn`t do it for you, there`s always Budget Truck Rentals, the 2nd largest truck rental company in the U.S. with among 32.000 trucks and 2.800 businesses all over the country. Lots of customers who cannot find a suitable Uhaul student discount turn to Budget Truck Rentals because with this company students are able to save up to 20% from their rental order.
  • Penske Discount Codes – Just like the discounts released by U Haul, these discount codes are also great because they tend to offer you nice discount percentages. If you are interested in using Penske coupons, you can try the code “005” to save 20% from your order, and if you want more, use the code “006” and get an additional 12% off for truck rentals, moving accessories and supplies.
  • Truck Rental Discount Codes – There are lots of truck and trailer rental discounts out there released by various companies. For instance, the “20DIS” Enterprise discount code can save you 20% from your order, while the “MUGZ044” Discount Car discount code will save you $15 for a 2-day weekend rental. Discount Car offers other weekend rentals starting from $9.99/day if you`ll use the “12250” code.

U-Haul Coupons & Deals

If you are interested in what other Uhaul printable coupons and deals are now released, just take a small glimpse on the list below.

  • Free 1st Month With any 1-way Truck or Trailer Rental
  • $10 Off Professional Installation with Hitch Order
  • Free Moving Supplies Delivery for Orders of more than $50
  • Get Free Standard Shipping for $50+ Boxes and Moving Supplies
  • Current U-Haul Discounts & Specials
  • Get $10 Off your Purchase: RETAILMENOT
  • Get 1 Month Free Self-Storage with 1-Way Equipment Rentals
  • Uhaul Reservation Guaranteed or Get $50 Back

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Reservations Are Guaranteed at U-Haul

If a reservation is made with U-Haul, the company guarantees for it. Customers receive guarantees as agreed regarding the pickup time, the equipment`s size or the location. If anything should happen from the company`s fault and the customer won`t receive any of the above as agreed, he`ll receive $50 as compensation.

Some of the terms & conditions regarding the guarantees of these reservations are as follows:

  • The Reservation Guarantee doesn`t apply to the initial intake of a reservation of a customer no matter how the actual customer has made his reservation.
  • As soon as an initial reservation was made, that specific rental location will be responsible and in charge of the actual reservation.
  • The customer will be contacted by the rental location prior to the requested pickup date so the pick up time location, time and date can be scheduled. At that particular time, details about the equipment will be put into discussion as well.
  • The company reserves the right to substitute any equipment of equal size so the guaranteed reservation can be filled.
  • If the company`s staff is unable to contact the customer to schedule all the details, that particular reservation won`t be considered a guaranteed reservation.


As you noticed, customers have many reasons for using Uhaul discounts codes or Uhaul coupons. The question remains, are you going to be one of those customers sometimes in the near future?

RockAuto Discount – 10% Coupon Code & Free Shipping

Buying auto parts from online resources has been an issue since this phenomenon started. This is mainly because you cannot actually see what you bought until you have received it at home. On the other hand, using 5% RockAuto discount codes or RockAuto coupons can be of a real advantage and may attract more and more customers in purchasing auto parts from such online auto part retailers.

How many times did you buy auto parts online only to find them at a cheaper price at different auto retailers? With Rock Auto this doesn`t happen because it will be pretty hard for you to find cheaper parts in a different place. Almost all drivers the United States have knowledge about the existence of RockAuto.

About RockAuto

You might not know this, but this company has originally been launched as a family business a long time ago with only 2 main goals into mind:

  • All customers should be able to afford buying auto parts from RockAuto;
  • Provide all the required info on the auto parts the brand sells for the convenience of its clients.

This is a website-based company that finds its customers through online methods using its RockAuto auto parts catalog. This brand sends car parts from more than three hundred manufacturers to customers all over the world, all auto parts having warehouse prices.

Rock Auto manages to sell its auto parts at such lower prices because it has lower costs as well. The brand acquires parts from other manufacturers that liquidate their inventories, either because they went out of business, they were overstocked or they decided to carry a distinct brand.

The company ships the parts ordered by the customers directly from centralized warehouses, in quite often occasions straight from manufacturers. Unlike AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, this brand doesn`t have any retail shops or money tied up in inventories that are moving in slow motion. Those savings are generally passed on with the lower rates added to the parts that are being sold.rockauto discount code

RockAuto Discount Code & RockAuto Coupon Guidelines

To fully take advantage of the benefits of these discount codes provided by RockAuto, it`s better if we keep certain guidelines into perspective:

  1. RockAuto Coupon 10% – Not Available! – According to, there aren`t any RockAuto discount 10% off or 15% off deals available for the moment and there probably won`t be any time soon either. Because RockAuto already offers so cheap prices for the products it sells, it isn`t able to offer bigger discounts for now. Even if you probably feel that the 5% off discounts released by the company aren`t that much, you may be wrong – think about it! If your auto part order reaches a somewhere around 5,000 dollars, then a 5% off from that order will mean a discount of a couple of hundred dollars which might prove to be quite a nice discount, don`t you think?
  2. No RockAuto Free Shipping – I guess there is no doubt about it – it would be great if a “RockAuto coupon codes free shipping” feature would be available, just like the AutoZone free shipping feature. Most well known auto retail companies, such as AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, offer such services to their clients. For some reasons, RockAuto doesn`t offer it. If you`ll look online, you won`t see a RockAuto free shipping promo code released by them. However, you may still want to use the services of this company, so being aware of certain shipping details may be required.
  3. RockAuto: Where to Enter Coupon Code – If you found a promo code which you are interested in using, you can add the code in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” field. However, please remember to check all the extra characters besides the code or any empty fields, or you won`t be eligible for the code.
  4. Rock Auto Auto Parts Store – Perhaps you know already that RockAuto does not have real stores where to sell its parts. Unlike, let`s say O`Reilly auto parts which has more than 4,500 stores to sell its auto parts, RockAuto only sells its Chevrolet, Dodge, Pontiac, Nissan or Ford parts on its website.
  5. Online Marketing & Exposure – As already mentioned above, RockAuto only sells its products only on the internet. This company does not use telemarket or discount deals on the phone. If you don`t know how to use a computer or don`t really have an online connection, you should talk to a friend that help you on this matter.
  6. Pay Less Shipping if You Buy More – Despite that RockAuto provide cheap prices on its auto parts, customers receive other benefits as well. According to the company`s claims, the overall shipping cost is lower in direct proportion with the items included by the customer in his order. Even though there are images available with what parts a customer would want to purchase, and there`re lots of different brands from which to choose, if the shipping expenses are still too high, this is an aspect that RockAuto has already considered.
  7. Rock Auto Phone Number If you have further questions or you need assistance, you should contact one of the representatives of the company at or use this RockAuto parts phone number: 1-608-661-1376.

RockAuto Shipping Tips

  1. If the company hasn`t done any mistakes, your shipping fees won`t be refundable. If for a certain reason you have decided to return your RockAuto parts, you won`t be able to recover the shipping fees. In general, the shipping money amount will be deducted from the refund.
  2. All returned auto parts should be put in a specific box designed for shipping. Your auto parts won`t be eligible for refunding if you`ll send them back only in the packages designed by the manufacturer and the packages were damaged in any way.
  3. Return shipping fees don`t need to cost more than they should. The process is pretty easy to understand – print the return label of your parts at your house, then visit the Order Status & Returns web page, and drop the package at your nearest FedEx pick-up point. You can only pay the discounted FedEx fees if you have changed your mind about an auto part for some reason. Also, this specific service is available to customers from the entire world, if the order has been shipped and billed to a physical address from the same country.
  4. The weight as well as the size of the parts, the current carrier rates, the location, or the discounts the company might have received as a high volume shipper should be reflected by the shipping fees. You can minimize your shipping fees to a minimum if you choose your parts from the same location.
  5. If for whatever reason you refuse your order or the order is returned for invalid address, your shipping fees will be deducted from your refund.
  6. Check the RockAuto shipping fees page so you can avoid any future issues. The process is quite simple: all you have to do is add parts to your shopping cart, add the zip code and then choose your country. It doesn`t get any easier than this.
  7. Most parts are usually stocked in various locations. All orders are generally shipped through regular carriers. Your part should be received in person when it arrives. If you have any questions or concerns, you should use contact someone from the staff using the RockAuto phone number (608) 661-1376.

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What Do You Think?

So, now that you improved your knowledge about the whole idea of RockAuto discount code, RockAuto coupon or RockAuto free shipping, do you think these are features that you want to use? Most people would tend to believe this is a hard thing to do, but as you can see, this can`t be any further than the truth.

Are AutoNation Coupons Better than RockAuto Coupons?

You may not know this, but AutoNation is most likely the largest auto retailer from the U.S. It seems obvious to assume that the coupons released by this “mamut” are somehow more popular than those released by RockAuto, for example. However, because we all heard great things about RockAuto, it may be best to avoid assuming things and instead making a research about it. Continue reading

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