George asks…

period like cramping, 13 weeks pregnant?

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and i’m having period like pains (cramping) theres no pain in my lower back, just in my lower abdomen, they come and go and they slowly intensify (just like contractions) this is my 3rd pregnancy. My first was carried to full term and my 2nd was a miscarriage at 4 weeks (in August 2008).

I haven’t had any cramping until now.

I’m curious to know if uterine stretching pain is similar to period pain?

Also, my fundal height is measuring at 17 weeks. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks to confirm dates etc but i have another ultrasound (for down symdrome and neural tube defects) in 2 days time and they are also going to check my dates again because my uterus is so large for 13 weeks.

Martin answers:

The cramping is called round ligament pains. Your body is preparing and stretching so that the baby can get bigger. Im 13 weeks also and just developed cramps this week…

Charles asks…

light lower belly cramping, 13 weeks pregnant?

really light, unpainful but definitely there cramping in lower belly. what could this be? also it happens after sex. I just had my daily dose of morning sickness and vomited, and my belly started cramping again. im pretty concerned at this point?

Martin answers:

Im about 9 weeks pregnant right now, and the way I figured out I was pregnant was I had lower belly cramps. It felt similar to having cramps while I was on my period, but there was no period. I went and took 2 at-home pregnancy tests, which were both positive, then I went to the doctor and did a test and they confirmed my pregnancy.
I would definintly make an appointment to go to your doctor to have a test done, or at the very least take an at-home pregnancy test and go from there.
Good luck!

Joseph asks…

13 weeks pregnant,cramping?

Im having sharp pains in my lower and upper abdomen, kind of like a cramping. I havent had any spotting at all. Like i said im 13 weeks pregnant do you think i should go to the hospital. I tried to contact the 24 hr nurse at my OB but the line has been busy for an hour. What do you think? Thanks for your time and answers.

Martin answers:

I wouldnt if there is no bleeding or unless the pain is unbearable and exruciating…During pregnancy your uterus grows,stretches and contracts…The early stages of pregnancy u will notice a lot of these cramps and they will be off and on or last for a few days even..this is just your bodys way of preparing for your groing baby and to accomodate room. Dont be alarmed I noticed this with all 3 of my pregnancies..Sometimes when u are dehrydrated during pregnancy you will cramp as well.I suggest u lay down on your right side and drink a lot of water…If there is no blood dont worry its normal..Good Luck!

Daniel asks…

13 weeks pregnant, pain and slight cramping in lower abdomen?

I’m 13 weeks pregnant, and as this is my first baby, I’m noticing every little pain and tweak. I’ve noticed I’m getting some cramping in the lower area of my abdomen. It’s not that painful, just uncomfortable. Is this normal?

Martin answers:

I am also 13 weeks pregnant with number 1!! I would love to talk more with you if youd like to email me theres a link on my page. I was feeling pain off and on for about a week and it went away on its own, but i did call the doctor and he said that it was normal but if it got worse to call him back, so i think we will both be fine!

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