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Are AutoNation Coupons Better than RockAuto Coupons?

You may not know this, but AutoNation is most likely the largest auto retailer from the U.S. It seems obvious to assume that the coupons released by this “mamut” are somehow more popular than those released by RockAuto, for example. However, because we all heard great things about RockAuto, it may be best to avoid assuming things and instead making a research about it. Continue reading

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Thule Smart RV Wall Organizer

SMART RV WALL ORGANIZER – Multiple pockets provide generous storage space for all that gear you want within quick reach-protective cover will keep contents clean, dry, safe. Made of heavy-duty outdoor grade fabric, organizer mounts directly to RV door or wall using one Thule Anchor Pod (sold separately) Part of Thule’s SMART (Smart Management and Recreational Travel) accessories that quickly mount to the exterior of your RV, expanding its utility and outdoor living area. Folds up for compact storage when not needed. Continue reading

RV Appliances


YUASA YUMICRON CX 12 VOLT BATTERIES – The YuMicron CX was the first small engine starting battery to use “lead calcium” technology. This special technology means the YuMicron CX generates more power, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer than any other conventional battery. More PowerBecause of its unique design, the CX will generate 5% to 8% more cold cranking amperage than our own high-output YuMicron lead-antimony battery. For high compression machines, this means greater reserve capacity and more starting power.Less Maintenance. The YuMicron CX lead calcium technology also reduces water loss, so the CX requires servicing (water filling) only about one-eighth as often as ordinary lead-antimony types.Longer Life. The YuMicron CX holds its specific gravity more than three times as long as lead-antimony type batteries resulting in a longer shelf life. This feature means longer periods between charges, especially during winter months.How To Order Your Battery:1. Check vehicle’s make, year and model and order the corresponding stock number for the battery of your choice. If the year and/or exact model designation of your vehicle is in doubt, see Steps 2 and 3.Please do not use the code(s) or OEM number when ordering battery.2. Check existing battery or owner’s manual for the manufacturers (OEM) number and order the corresponding stock number.3. Measure the dimensions of existing battery and compare the location of its terminals and exhaust vent to the illustrations shown in the Battery Configuration Chart. Find the battery with the same dimensions and same configurations ( Conf. ) and order the corresponding stock number.Batteries should not be returned without calling or writing to us in advance for instructions. Labor not included. Continue reading

Atwood Water Heaters


T&P VALVE REMOVER TOOLS – T&P valve remover tools provide a fast, safe way to remove and replace temperature and pressure valves on water heaters. These tools have extra length that allows your wrench to clear the water heater housing They are made of 7/8″ stock in the USA T&P valve remover tools will fit Atwood brand water heater temperature and pressure valves. Continue reading

Atwood Water Heater Parts


RV TEMPORARY WATER HEATER BY-PASS KIT – This kit can be installed where it is convenient to access your water heater supply plumbing lines. Quick connect fittings allow you to simply cut your plastic tubing, CPVC, or copper lines for a fast, simple, no tool installation. This kit eliminates the need to unthread or uncouple any existing plumbing fittings. Continue reading

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