Taken by surprise, most of us were not ready for the Panda mistakes that Google found on our website, causing an uproar around the world. Like they have done before, Google brought devastation to the incomes of many good people trying to make a living online. Sadly, sympathy was very scarce for those that were hit the hardest. In reality, the people that suffered the most had the worst quality websites on the Internet. That is the target for Google in the past year, and it seems they are finally getting around to taking serious action.

Anyone that does internal linking to us how important it is to website ranking. It is something that is, unfortunately, little understood by most people. Most of the time you will see things about how to do it and what tools you can use. You can find quite a bit of information, actually, and how to do this and structure it properly. Having the proper internal linking structure will reduce your bounce rate exponentially. You will keep people on your site much longer, as long as you are internally linking to relevant content pages. People must have a reason to click on the links, following it to related content. If you don’t give them a reason to click, they won’t go. If you have a great bounce rate, then Google will reward you for a job well done.

Google will not reward you for your bad judgment in purchasing backlinks for SEO purposes. If you want to buy backlinks, be careful, as Panda and Google are not happy with people that do this. The Internet is full of high PR backlinks that you can purchase to drive traffic back your website. If you do this, however, you’re taking a serious risk by doing this. Any website that sells their services or backlinks is well known on the Internet. Well, Google is not dumb and they are watching what is going on. Be careful! Any links that you buy the goods your website can be traced back to its original source.

You can find businesses in certain situations in which they have content that is very close to being on site duplicate content. Your rankings can suffer greatly if you have this type of content on your website and Panda takes notice. If you want to rank locally, some of your content might seem to be duplicate. This could really hurt your off-line business rankings on the Internet. Your pages and URLs look identical simply because only a few words are changed each time. You have seen this because it is all over the place and millions of sites have done this. If you want to fix this problem, assuming that you have it, significantly altering the content is the way to fix this. When it comes to the latest update, this will help you avoid any penalties.

In conclusion, coping with the changes that Google makes quite regularly can be irritating at best. Panda-related mistakes are very easy to make. Plus you have to keep in mind that Google will penalize your entire site for mistakes on just a few pages.

Just put your head down, and move forward, regardless of the changes that Google makes.

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