Lisa asks…

Lesbian romantic camping ideas?

We met online and I’m seeing her soon! I’m excited but would like some ideas to make it special

Martin answers:

I was in the same boat with my (then girlfriend) now fiance.

Ok. If you know how to play an instrument like a guitar play and sing a song to her. If you don’t then use an ipod for music and sing to her.
Watch the sunrise/set and hold and kiss her.
When it gets cold at night or in the dawn cuddle with her.

I need more details though. Are you two together? If so for how long? Do you love/like her? Does she know?

Betty asks…

Romantic ideas for camping?

We’re going camping this weekend at a state park in our area. We’re doing the semi-primitive camping, so we’ll be fairly far from any other people, but still walking distance from the car.
We were originally going with 2 other couples, but they both bailed, so it’s just us. Any ideas on how I can make this romantic and sexy? We are not really limited on what we can bring, which is unusual – I am used to backpacking in!
Some women like camping, and I happen to be one of them. I know that not everyone enjoys it, but it is one thing that he and I share in common. :-)

Martin answers:

Aww! The glow of a campfire makes everything kinda romantic. Since yer camping i’d go the more natural approach to things. Don’t let things get in the way of enjoying each others bodies and jus be sensual.

Paul asks…

Need ideas to make camping more romantic?

So my husband and I for our 1 year anniversary are going camping. I am trying to find a way to make it more romantic. I am getting flameless candles for inside the tent…..any other suggestions?

Martin answers:

Cook him his favorite food on the grill and have a quiet meal together. Go walking and watch a sunset together. Listen to the sounds of nature around you holding each other close. Cuddle on a blanket outside watching the flames of a campfire.

William asks…

Secluded romantic camping spots for me and new boyfriend?!?

Me and my boyfriend are going away camping for a weekend in a few weeks time. We want to go somewhere secluded and a bit secret, but obviously very romantic and nice scenary, preferable by lakes/river or sumthing like that?! Has anyone got and ideas or had an amazing experience anywhere. Don’t care if its sumwhere where we’re not legally MEANT to be camping hehe ;-)

Martin answers:

The travel agents are the best because they have pictures of the places and you can makea choice

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