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12 Volt Refrigerator



MODEL N260.3 SINGLE-DOOR 2.4 CU. FT. CAPACITY FLUSH-MOUNT REFRIGERATOR – Featuring 3-way power…LP gas, 120-volt AC and 12-volt DC. Doesn’t take up valuable interior space and looks great, too! Adjustable thermostat responds to changes in ambient temperature and varied usage. Manual controls easily through lower vent. Holds 1/2-gallon containers. Eye-level all-electronic controls. Door opens a full 180°, allowing more aisle space. Self-latching door shuts automatically. Efficient even when off-level. White interior with finished beige door. Unfinished cabinet. Door opens right or left. No freezer. Cutout size: 19-3/8″W x 21″H x 24″D. Low current draw: 1.4 amps on 120-volt AC or 11.7 amps on 12-volt DC. Instructions included. A new installation requires exterior roof vent and access panel (both sold separately). Made in the USA. Comes with a limited 3-year warranty. An additional 3-year warranty is available.


EXTERIOR ACCESS PANEL/SIDE VENT – Cutout size: 13-3/4″ x 21-3/4″. Shipped separately from factory.





Norcold Black Door Panels for Double Door Refrigerator

BLACK DOOR PANELS FOR DOUBLE DOOR REFRIGERATOR – Complete the look of your Norcold® Double Door Refrigerator (sold separately, item # 13206G) with these sleek looking door panels.




Norcold 1.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator Exhaust Vent

1.7 CUBIC FOOT REFRIGERATOR EXHAUST VENT – Upper side vent 7-1/4″ x 18″Polar white. Roof vent cap and base for 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator.



Norcold 1.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator Exhaust Access Panel

1.7 CUBIC FOOT REFRIGERATOR ACCESS PANEL – 9-9/16″ x 19-1/8″. Required for new installation. Polar white.

Norcold 1.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

1.7 CUBIC FOOT REFRIGERATOR – 2 adjustable shelves accommodate 1/2-gallon cartons and 2-liter bottles. Unfinished sides for built-in applications. Keeps food cold longer than icebox; eliminates mess and frequent cleaning. Door has black front panel, opens right- or left-handed. Draw: 1.4 amps on AC, 11.7 amps on DC. Cut-out size: 20-5/8″ H x 17-1/2″ W x 21-1/4″ D. New installation requires access panel and vent (sold separately). – Check this out!



SAFLOC DOOR LATCHES – Safloc door latches are automatic locking devices that keep your RV refrigerator’s doors shut while traveling in your RV.…even under difficult driving conditions. These latches lock every time the refrigerator’s door is closed. Easy spring-retained handle – just pull and the door is open. These latches are made of high impact ABS oak colored plastic and are extremely tough. They do not fit flush mount doors. Blister-packed – two per card.



SINGLE REFRIGERATOR BARS – Single refrigerator bars are spring-loaded bars that keep your refrigerator shelves neat while traveling. These bars are sold as a 3-pack and are available in white. They extend from 16″ to 28.″




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Camco RV Refrigerator Vent with Solar Fan

RV REFRIGERATOR VENT WITH SOLAR FAN – Get the most from your RV fridge with Camco’s solar generated RV Refrigerator Vent! Increases the cooling capacity of your RV refrigerator by as much as 25%! Utilizes a solar panel driven fan to increase airflow across cooling coils. Replaces any standard vent cover RV refrigerators are notorious for poor cooling in hot conditions. Solar panel driven fan helps circulate air across your refrigerator cooling coils so you can say goodbye to tepid food and beverages in hot weather. Perfect for the RV DIYer!


OAK REFRIGERATOR BARS – These refrigerator bars are spring-loaded bars that help keep refrigerator shelves neat while traveling in your RV. They extend from 16″ to 28.″Available with a simulated oak finish Set of 3.


Camco Fridge Alarm

FRIDGE ALARM – Protect the food in your refrigerator from spoiling or freezing with a dual temperature monitor! If the temperature inside the fridge exceeds the high and low limits that you set, it sets off an audible and flashing light alarm to alert you.

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