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Atwood Water Heaters


T&P VALVE REMOVER TOOLS – T&P valve remover tools provide a fast, safe way to remove and replace temperature and pressure valves on water heaters. These tools have extra length that allows your wrench to clear the water heater housing They are made of 7/8″ stock in the USA T&P valve remover tools will fit Atwood brand water heater temperature and pressure valves.


ANODE RODS – These anode rods prevent your water heater from being corroded — they corrode themselves. Just replace the 1/2″ or 3/4″ pipe thread with these anode rods to ensure that your water heater is completely safe. These anode rods are perfect to protect the Atwood/Suburban water heaters.

Atwood XT Exothermal Water Heaters

XT® EXOTHERMAL WATER HEATERS – Using exothermal technology and the principles of heat exchange, these heaters deliver 50% more hot water than standard water heaters without an increase in size or weight! Feature Direct Spark Ignition for easy lighting plus built in winterizing bypass. Installs in the same cutout openings as standard Atwood models. Choose propane or propane/electric. Models with heat exchangers use engine heat to warm the water, so you’ll have hot water when you reach your destination. 6-gallon Heaters: Provide the equivalent of 9 gallons of hot water as Atwood 6-gallon heaters. Propane: 8,000 BTU. Propane/electric: 8,000 BTU/1,400-watt. 16″W x 12-1/2″H x 19-1/2″D.10-gallon Heaters: Provide the equivalent of 16 gallons of hot water as Atwood 10-gallon heaters. Propane: 10,000 BTU. Propane/electric: 10,000/1,400-watt. 16″W x 15-1/2″H x 21-3/4″D. – Read more!


PILOT RELIGHTER KITS – Easy to install solid state pilot reignitor for water heaters and other appliances10″ lead wire. Power: 9 volt battery.

Atwood Mobile Products WATER HEATERS

WATER HEATERS –  For RVs Compact aluminum tanks are fiberglass insulated to minimize heat loss. Pilot light helps maintain water temperature for fuel efficiency. Limited 2-year warranty. Lightweight heaters: 6-gallon heaters weigh 20 lbs. empty, 69-1/2 lbs. full; 10-gallon heaters weigh 24 lbs. empty, 107 lbs. full. Gas lines are connected in a sealed combustion area that is vented outside. Combination units can be heated by LP gas, 120-volt AC or both (increases recovery rate by 50%). Access door and instructions included.

Atwood Mobile Products Wall-mount Thermostat

WALL-MOUNT THERMOSTAT – For pop-up and pickup campers. Needed for new installation of LP gas furnaces (sold separately)White color3″ x 3″.

Atwood Mobile Products LP Gas Furnaces

EVEREST STAR HYDRO FLAME™ LP GAS FURNACES – For pop-up and pickup campers. Wall-mount thermostat sold separately. Electronic ignition for trouble-free performance. Lightweight (only 23 lbs.) and energy efficient. Require only 20-1/2″ mounting depth, 8-3/8″W x 11-1/4″H clearance. Easy to service from inside vehicle. Front discharge. Low amp draw. UL listed. Limited 2-year warranty. Use 12-volt DC. Thermostat (sold separately) needed for new installation. – Click here!


HYDRO FLAME™ EXCALIBUR IV COMPACT LP GAS FURNACES – For RVs Exterior door panel sold separately (ZX075556). Electronic ignition for easy operation. Mount easily from outside either vertically or horizontally. Multiple outlets maximize ducting versatility. 4″ diameter hose (not included) can be run from ducts to deliver warm air anywhere inside RV. Require only 18″ mounting depth, 16-7/8″W x 7-3/8″H clearance (horizontal mount) and 1″ distance from combustibles. Exterior door panel (sold separately) has built-in vent. UL listed. Use 12-volt DC. Limited 2-year warranty. Thermostat (sold separately) needed for new installation. – More info!


Atwood Exterior Door Panel

EXTERIOR DOOR PANEL – For RVs Built-in vent. For use with Excalibur IV Compact LP Gas Furnaces (sold separately, 13217G).

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