In terms of ski resorts in Israel, it might not be an obvious choice for a holiday in the snow, not least because you’d expect it to be too warm. The Holy Land has a special allure attributed to its holy sites of Jerusalem and Nazareth, and thousands of tourists descend on the country every year despite the ongoing turmoil with the Palestine struggle. There are also some exciting modern cities in Israel and bathing on the Red Sea is a highlight. There is only one ski resort in the north of the country, which receives a glut of determined sliders throughout the ski season between December and April.

Mount Hermon is the highest point in Israel and is located in the north of the country, not far from Nazareth. There is a good complement of runs here – 30 miles in total – that are geared to beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. There is also a fairly long slope here too, and the vertical is a respectable 2,000 feet.

A sledge rollercoaster and sleigh rides are available at Mount Hermon, while some of the top hotels in the area sport Jacuzzis and saunas. You will find refreshments at the resort, while the nearby village of Neve Ativ offers accommodation, restaurants and bars.

Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport is the main point of entry into Israel and it receives many major carriers from around the world daily. Travelling by bus in Israel is common and straightforward, although driving to the country from outside Israel is only permitted from Egypt.

Israel comes with obvious dangers of militant activity, while skiing itself presents a risk of accident or injury. There is also a risk with driving to the ski resort, with tight switchbacks on the mountainous roads increasing the potential of having an accident. With these points in mind, it is advisable that you take out travel insurance for you and your family when skiing in Israel.

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