George asks…

How many people like to go Camping?

I used to go camping quite a bit. I had a tent trailer. Loved it. How about you? Do you enjoy camping? Or do you prefer a hotel room with all the benefits?

Martin answers:

I used to go camping too with my family. But we got busy and kinda stopped going. I liked it but hated the bugs so much! Especially the spiders they’re so gross. Once a snake went in our tent too and that kinda ruined the camping experience for me. And i always felt really dirty and grimy too. I miss is sometimes tho! Nothing like a beautiful night around the campire looking at all the stars. I luv pretty views and we used to go to really nice places. It was fun (:

Mark asks…

Bot a used trailer, galvy, owner said it was all set, bolts on wheels are rusty- should I replace- maint?

first time boat owner. getting the motor tuned up. it is a used 25 hp evinrude. Want to trailer the boat a few hours away when camping this summer, don’t want it to fall apart on the highway. Concerned that the nuts holding onthe wheel are all rusted. Should I replace with brass or stainless? or leave well enough alone? Is there a site I can go to for what to do, what to look for maintenance wise on trailers. It is a bunk trailer for a 16 ft aluminum fishing boat.- nothing fancy. appreciate the help !

Martin answers:

Just clean up the wheel studs using a wire brush. Then take each nut off and then put some anti-sieze compound on the studs and put the nuts back on. Wheel bearing grease or similar will do the same thing. The grease or anti-seize stops water from getting on the studs.

Chris asks…

how do you stabilize a 36 foot camping trailer?

I have a 36 foot comping trailer and we use the stabilizing jacks that are attached to the underside (4 of them) but the trailer still shakes and rocks

Martin answers:

Part of the problem with stabilizing a trailer is getting the trailer level first you can upgrade from stabilizer jacks to leveling jacks and solve the problem but cost and trailer modifications would be involved. Go back to leveling at the start of the process by elevating the tires with blocks as needed and the tong lift once the levels have confirmed your trailer is level then lower your stabilizer jacks. Keep in mind trailers are sitting on tires and the tires are very flexible you will never completely remove any rocking of the trailer.

Bumper sticker on trailer,
“If this trailer is rockin don’t bother knockin”

John asks…

Where can I get a repair manual for a Carrier air conditioner for my camping trailer?

The Carrier air conditioner on my camper never has cooled to my satisfaction. I bought it new and It’s going into its 2nd year of use. Does anyone know where I can get a repair manual, or what the freon pressures ought to read? Any trouble shooting hints?

Martin answers:


See if this site helps.I believe you can link to Carrier from here.

I too have Carrier A/C’s on the roof of my motorhome and I feel they could do a better job. I need to pull the external cover off and see if everything is clean and free from dirt & alge build up.

My units are 4 years old and don’t seem to cool as well as my Duo Therm units did on my previous motorhome. The intake filters don’t seem to catch much dust so I suspect the inner coils may need cleaned.

My two Duo Therms would cool my Raita 36′ coach down to 72 degrees in 90 degree ambient. At the moment my two Carriers will only cool this UltraSport 35″ to 78 degrees in 92 ambient.

Good luck. I’d like to trade my carriers for Duo Therms except fot the remotes I have also control my furnace. I see no cure there other than run thernostat wire along the ceiling and walls.

Additional thoughts: Carrier might not want you to have a service/repair manual. It would not be good for business if everyone could repair their own A/C.

For TV & radio people there is a source of repair manuals. I believe they are called Sams Books or something with Sam in the name. If I’m correct, they were really called Sams Photofacts. It’s possible something is published for A/C’s

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