Sandra asks…

How old do you have to be to work at a summer camp in Colorado?

Well I applied to a summer camp recently and I know you have to 16 to work at a day care. I turn 16 a little before half way the camp is through. I want to know if its legal for me to work there. It will be during the summer, so I can work a full-time job.

Martin answers:

Many high schools have career centers. The career center would be likely to be able to answer your question. I know that in California, if you are under 18, you have to get a “work permit” to get any type of paying job. Colorado may have something like that, but, as I am not a resident of Colorado, I am not familiar with their laws.

Sharon asks…

thinking of a move to colorado and camping and working there for a couple months before getting an apt/house?

im currently feeling frisky and want to move out of state somewhere new. i have nothing holding me back really and i am thinking colorado. since im an outdoor enthusiast i think ill love it there but ive never been there or know anyone who lives there.
i work at a national chain restaurant and can transfer anywhere and thinking about denver area so id have a job to goto but no immediate place to live. was thinking of just camping in a tent for a couple months at a nice park with showers and other ammenities to hopefully save some cash to get on my feet. i mean i could always craigslist some roommates for when i arrive but i think camping sounds more adventurous. what do you guys think?? good idea?

Martin answers:

Not too practical/ Campsites near Denver with bathrooms are on a reservation system and they don’t let you stay indefinitely. You might be able to move weekly but the campgrounds fill up fast and vacancies in many areas are not even available on weekends. This is especially true over the 4th and Labor Day.


Mark asks…

JOB!?! 16 girl in PA need money for an archeology camp in Colorado?

I want to go to an archeology camp in Colorado this summer. there are two different camps options one that is one week and one that is three weeks. the three week one cost more money then i could get by April or may so i am forced to go to the one week program

anyway i need a job fast i am 16 year old girl in Chester County Pennsylvania. need money fast..i added up all the totals and need around $2200 for gear, transportation, and admission. i want to go to this camp to see if i want to pursue a career in this field. any advise as to what line of work or where to work would be deeply deeply appreciated

this is the camp web page in case you are interested

Martin answers:

I imagine that there are plenty of jobs in Chester County for a 16 year old. I live in Delco and I see kids working in restaurants, drug stores, grocery stores, clothing stories, or daycare centers. You could also try babysitting.

John asks…

How can I get money, other than working, to afford a summer studio at the Art Institute of Colorado?

I am a senior in high school and Im attending South Dakota State in the fall, and majoring in graphic design. I currently dont have a job, but do have a summer one lined up for after graduation. Yet the money I make in that time frame wont even put a dent in the cost of the summer studio. How can I get the money, about $1000.00 before June 1st to be able to attend this summer camp to pursue my career?

Martin answers:

How about a loan, or maybe your parents would want to help you out? Where there is a will, theres a way! Good luck!

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